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The data below is from the matches played between 24th of May 2019 and 31st of October 2019. Only the matches played in premium and professional tier were considered here for the data. Source of the statistics except Rank is from The Rank category is calculated by the author using all the factors except last hits, denies, tower damage and gold spent. Performance through all these categories is then used to find an average and then Rank is decided. The Rank represents a hero’s overall performance. Just because a hero has the highest win rate or is picked a lot doesn’t mean he is the best hero, the actual total output in the game matters.

Top 20 heroes (core&support) best total performance

Rank 1, Zeus has been proven to be extremely useful in terms of dealing damage and has also been able to get the required farm whether he is a support or a core. Zeus’ biggest advantage is his global ultimate and long range abilities that allow him to stay at the back and deal heavy damage.

Rank 2, Enigma has been an evergreen pick in any meta because the AOE anti-immune disable ultimate is too strong. Rank 3, Dazzle has been surely surfaced heavily in this patch due to several major changes in his abilities. Other worthy mentions are Mirana and Tiny who have appeared to be strong laning heroes as they are able to gank effectively. Most of the heroes in this table can be drafted in the first pick phase because it doesn’t give a clear image to the opponents if they will be played as a support or a core.

Top 10 supports with the best individual performance

This is the list of supports who have performed well in all regards whether it’s damage, fast farming, hero healing, KDA or win rate. These heroes have such a good performance mostly because they have been able install fear among the opponents and have been able to stop many strong opponents in different ways. The advantage of being good in several categories allows a team to make a comeback. Enigma has been an outstanding support especially as he can farm mechanism or guardian greeves as soon as possible to help in team fights. Other supports like Windranger and Pugna have.

Top 10 cores with the best individual performance

This is the list of cores who have also performed well in all regards whether it’s damage, fast farming, hero healing, KDA or win rate. This is the first patch in which Abaddon is in top 10 and the win rate on this hero at 68.94 is one of the highest. Abaddon’s 3rd skill – Curse of Avernus forces the opponent to react to it whereas in earlier patches heroes just avoided Abaddon during team fights and just waited out easily until his ultimate had been used.

Top 10 damage dealing supports

Zeus, Techies and Skywrath Mage are the top 3 heroes that deal a lot of damage in every match and some times they deal damage even more than their own cores. Techies deals a lot of damage but most of the time it doesn’t convert into a kill hence the team can’t progress faster.

Top 10 damage dealing cores

Arc Warden and Tinker both are great split pushing and map controlling heroes. They have abilities to use without allowing the opponent to come close to them hence in every game they inflict a lot of damage.

Top 10 most picked supports

List of support heroes that are just most favored in this patch and you will see at least one of them in any match.

Top 10 most picked cores

Although cores are picked in the end to counter the enemy draft, sometimes they are picked in the initial pick phase too. Heroes like Gyrocopter, Leshrac, Kunkka are versatile enough to be picked in the first phase. Ember Spirit doesn’t have a good win rate but it’s mainly because it has been picked so many times.

A tip for young players:

When you draft for your team, the first phase pick should always be of the heroes that can be played as a core and support. This confuses the opponent into deciding your lanes. A small but a good early game advantage. Check the first table in this article to know the top heroes that fit this role.

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