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Dota 2 publisher in China, Perfect World announced that four persons got arrested under the accusation of creating and selling Dota 2 scripts.

According to the official report released by PW on Weibo, the four Chinese citizens created five cheating scripts and sold them through “various channels” on the internet, making a profit of RMB 1,000,000 (~140,000 USD). The five scripts found at the end of the investigation were listed in the police report as follows:

  • auto-cast Dark Seer Combo
  • auto-Ghost work to disjoint spells for Invoker
  • auto lane-pushing for Arc-Warden
  • courier mastery: Your teammates will not be able to control the courier when you are using it.
  •  auto hit-and-run

Extract from Perfect World’s report:

“Script seriously affects players’ gaming experience which is hated and resisted by the majority of players. For a while, we have received reports from players about two types of scripts in Dota2 which have been spread through various channels. After receiving those reports, Perfect World gave great importance to this matter and launched a thorough investigation immediately.

After going through some twists and turns, we finally got the source code of these two scripts. We also communicated with Valve so they can add them into Valve Anti-Cheat System (VAC). Users of these scripts will be marked and banned.

Considering that the scripts will not only ruin the gaming experience of other players but also can potentially compromise internet information security, we reported this matter to the local police and on September 3rd. All persons (4 men) involved in this matter were arrested for “providing programs in the purpose of intrusion and illegal control of computer information systems”

According to the police report, all suspects hold a Bachelor degree and two of them have a Major in programming. 

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