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Valve raises the record bar for the biggest prize pool in the esports history to $32,000,000, beating their own record from only a week ago when The International 2019 was outshining Epic Games’ Fortnite World Cup.

On July 21 the TI9 prize pool reached the $30,000,000 milestone courtesy of the Young Invoker Hero Persona prestige item set, available to all those who raised their 2019 Battle Pass to level 305. A week later the prize pool was 31 million dollars without any other new cosmetics or Battle Pass features being added. This year Valve waited for an extended period of time to release the last Immortal Treasure, and although the wait wasn’t totally worth, as the item sets featured in Treasure III were received with a rather big wave of negative reactions, the TI prize pool is still growing.  Today, August 7, eight days before The International 2019 is set to start, the prize pool is at the $32,000,000 mark.

Valve are yet to release the reward for 182 levels, the Reptilian Refuge Radiant and Dire Creeps, as well as the Tiny – Majesty of the Colossus prestige item that unlocks at level 255. The International 2019 is quickly approaching, with exactly 8 days before the big battle starts,  and besides the Battle Pass features yet to come, Valve are also yet to announce the broadcast talent and to release the annual Trove Carafe chest, which usually contains item sets with an autograph of the people on the English, Russian and Chinese broadcasts.

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