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Southeast Asia’s Dota Pro Circuit League Season was back in action today as Week 5 begun with Execration battling BOOM Esports in the first game of the day.

After having a rough time against TNC Predator last week, losing a game in which they had a gigantic lead – and ultimately the series, BOOM was looking to get back to their winning ways. With two consecutive losses, the team decided to change things up a few days ago, adding Nuengnara “23savage” Teeramahanon to stand-in for Andrew “Drew” Halim. Today would be their first series with the stand-in and they would be hoping that XctN would not be a problem – but with just a handful of series left to play, anything is possible, especially in the SEA region.

The first game of the series lasted a little over half an hour, and while XctN had a small lead at the 20-minute mark, 23savage changed everything when his Anti-Mage made an appearance on the map. Ending the game 7-0-7, with a RAMPAGE stolen right from his clutches by a teammate – but a victory, nonetheless. While the next game as far closer, with both teams fighting back-and-forth constantly and XctN even managing to bring down 23savage on his Ursa a few times, it just was not enough.

As BOOM’s lead grew, it became more apparent that XctN just had no way to really fight them and with a 24-30 scoreline, game two came to an end, with BOOM victorious once more. For XctN, the loss is a tough one to take, considering that they will remain at the bottom of the SEA DPC League standings with only one series left to play against 496 Gaming on February 24th. As it stands, the team are almost assured relegation unless they can find a way to turn things around. For BOOM, the win pulls them into fifth place – with Vice Esports as their final series later this week.

It will be interesting to see if the team can take another strong victory and maybe find their way into the Major via the Wild Card – considering the way the standings are at time of writing.

headline photo courtesy of Beyond the Summit

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