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The post-TI8 Chinese shuffle is just starting and first to announce a change are Newbee who split ways with Damien “kpii” Chok after two years and a half journey together.

Kpii joined the Chinese team back in March 2016 and played for them in the offlane at three The Internationals in a row. The 2016 TI run wasn’t successful, but 2017 was their year to shine and they stood above everyone else in the Chinese region. Newbee had a strong start at The International 2017 from the group stage matches and reached the main event grand finals from the upper bracket. However, they suffered a demoralizing 0:3 loss at the hands of Team Liquid.

Giving their TI7 performance, last year Newbee were the first to lock in the roster without any changes and continued to display the same dominating style for the first couple of months in the inaugural DPC season.  Top 4 at the ESL One Hamburg 2017 Major, a third place at Dota Pit Minor right after that, the Perfect World Masters Minor Championship Title and the ESL One Genting 2018 Minor trophy, where Newbee took their revenge over Liquid, were enough for them to secure a spot at TI8 via DPC points.

Towards the end of the season prior to TI8, Newbee looked tired and a bit overwhelmed by the bi-weekly meta labyrinth. Their fans hoped that as soon as their favorite team will regroup for the final bootcamp for The International 2018, things will get back to normal, that they will get to witness another memorable run.  Unfortunately, that marvelous Newbee playstyle was never displayed in the TI8 group stage and the Chinese had to begin their TI8 journey in the lower bracket where they got defeated in the opening bo1 match by Winstrike.

Right after his loss on the Rogers Arena big stage, Kpii gave his last Newbee interview and it was a rather emotional one, perhaps he himself knowing exactly what was to follow once the event is over.



Newbee are now down to four players and have about one week to figure out if the team shuffle will continue or if they just need to find a new offlaner. In order to be eligible for a invite in the closed qualifiers for the first Major of the new season, the teams must register their roster until September 15 at 10:00 AM PDT.

Newbee current roster:

 – Xu “Moogy” Han
 – Song “Sccc” Chun
 – Hu “Kaka” Liangzhi
 – Zeng “Faith” Hongda


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