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The absolutely insane 10 days of DAC 2018 Major couldn’t end better than with a full best-of-five Grand Finals played in the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center.

Mineski and LGD Gaming impressed through the whole tournament, both with incredible games played from the group stage to the last minute of the tournament. Mineski reached the grand finals straight from the upper bracket where they cut through OpTic Gaming, Vici Gaming and LGD in the upper bracket finals. The Chinese team took down EG, Team Liquid and begun the finals day with a superb victory against in the lower bracket to force a rematch with Mineski.

The grand finals broke out with a surgical execution of a simple Tiny-Phantom Assassin-Slardar- Ancient Apparition draft from LGD. Wang “Ame” Chunyu was able to bully Mineski starting from the laning stage to end the six games losing of his team vs Mineski.

Starting with game two we’ve been all reminded why Daryl Koh “iceiceice” Pei Xiang has been regarded for so many years now as the best offlaner in the world. Mineski put all the pressure on their veteran to bring the win home with a hero who has an abysmally low win rate, Magnus. And Icex3 delivered. Eleven minutes into the game he had Helm of the Dominator completed, followed 3 minutes later by Blink Dagger and started to take the full control of the map to equalize the game score.  

Game three was the most contested one of the grand finals as Mineski last picked Broodmother into a Kunkka core. Lu “Somnus/M” Yao put on a show on his mid Kunkka and so did Fy-God on Clockwerk ,who has been the key factor in all LGD’s kills of that game. Mineski forced a decisive game five by not repeating the mistakes from game one. LGD were able to again secure the Tiny-PA-AA combo but were denied access to Slardar as Mineski used their last ban on that hero and picked for themselves a Luna to force the issue fast. LGD had the laning advantage but their entire team fight was nullified by a support Naga of Mineski who displayed perfect coordination in their initiations. Their incredible form brought the victory in game five despite playing against an Ame Anti-Mage, Somnus Leshrac and Yang “Chalice”‘ Shenyi – Underlord.  

DAC 2018 final standings:

1st place:  $370,000 + 750 DPC – Mineski
2nd place: $135,000 + 450 DPC – LGD Gaming
3rd place: $105,000 + 225 DPC –
4th place: $85,000 + 75 DPC – TNC Pro Team
5th-6th place: $67,500 – Vici Gaming, Team Liquid
7th-8th place: $35,000 – Evil Geniuses, OpTic Gaming
9th-12th place: $15,000 – Newbee, VGJ.Thunder, Invictus Gaming, Team Secret
13th-16th place: $10,000 – OG, Effect, Keen Gaming, paiN Gaming

Mineski’s victory at Dota 2 Asia Championship 2018 propels the team to the fourth place in the DPC rankings, while LGD are also happy to advance among the top eight. At the end of the tournament, four Chinese teams sit in the top eight: Newbee on the 5th place, VG on 6th, LGD on 7th and VGJ.Thunder on the 8th. As of now, Mineski are the only SEA team in the top eight and it’s more likely that the DAC 2018 trophy represents their ticket to TI8.

There are only a handful of tournaments to be played in the current DPC season. Next on the schedule is StarLadder ImbaTv Invitational S5 Minor, which will kick off next week in Kiev, Ukraine, followed by the EPICENTER XL Major at the end of the month. The Dota Pro Circuit will end in June with three more Majors scheduled to take place from 15th of May to 10th of June.

Interviews from DAC 2018:

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Arteezy: “We Picked Newbee because we Know how they Play”
Mushi: “I wouldn’t count Fnatic as a SEA team”
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