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It was a long time ago that Damien ‘kpii’ Chok played in the SEA region with MVP Phoenix. That was back in 2015. For the good part of everyone’s memory, he has played his professional Dota in China, first with EHOME and more recently and memorably with Newbee. But this season, we will be traveling back in time as kpii will be moving back to Southeast Asia to try his luck out with Mushi and company in Mineski!

A couple of things might come as a surprise looking at the roster. First, Mushi will be moving to a support position. This is not new for Mushi and he has had a small stint as a support during his last days with Fnatic. But we’ve all known and loved Mushi for the core player that he has been for the dominant part of his career. It will be a challenge for Mushi to step back and play the support role. Considering the fact that Febby is a position 4 player, an intelligent guess would be that Mushi will be playing position 5 and captaining the team.

Coming back to Febby, he has had a few ups and downs in his career. After a very good spell with his Korean team mates with MVP Phoenix, Febby moved to Fnatic with QO, but the team got out of TI 7 in the group stages. The five players from MVP Phoenix then united under the banner of Immortals in the NA region, but that turned out to be a disaster. This will a chance at redemption for the position 4 support and he will surely want to make the most of it.

Moon or NaNa is the only one from last season that has not only kept his place in the team, but has also managed to be in the same position, which will be the mid lane. Moon had a strong season and although he is not considered at the same level as Miracle, No[o]ne, Maybe and Sumail, he is a consistent and dependant player to have on the team sheet. The question marks will be directed at Mineki’s new carry, JT, about whom very little is known. The other four are veterans of the scene and if JT has the raw talent in him, his teammates can surely guide him well.

On the whole, Mineski looks like a formidable team. The team will be coached by Clairvoyance. A lot will depend on how easily JT settles in with the rest of the experienced lot. We will know a lot more on that when Mineski will be in action playing the SEA qualifiers for the Kuala Lumpur Major, which are scheduled to start in less than two weeks!

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