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A screenshot posted on Twitter early Saturday morning appears to show the Dota2 team manager of Mangobay, Nicholas “BlueOceanz” Blue,  attempting to sell their slot in the Maincast Autumn Brawl, an $80,000 tournament taking place from October 6-14. The screenshot of an exchange between the manager of Mangobay and Final Tribes’ Simon “Handsken” Haag appears to show the manager offering the spot for a percentage of their winnings.

Reaction to the screenshot has been largely negative as many in the scene have denounced what this screenshot shows. It also appears that Mangobay and it’s staff have been banned in a Dota2 scrimmage discord.

VPEsports was able to reach Blue for comment.

“I messed up,” Blue said. “At first my messages were serious and then after Handsken told me what I was saying was shady, I realized what I had said was dumb and tried to joke with him. I’m dumb.”

During his conversation with VPEsports, Blue was very apologetic and contrite.

“The team is disbanding and I felt sad,” Blue lamented. “I wanted to do anything I could to get these guys some money for what they’ve done and then I realized I f—– up.”


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