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RuHub Media got to talk after the group stage matches at MDL Disneyland® Paris Major with Team Liquid’s captain Kuro “KuroKy” Takhasomi. The TI7 Champion spoke about the “old days” of DotA 1, the difference between how was it like to be a pro player back then and how is now, the struggles of his own team and what does it take to be a successful Dota 2 team.

DotA 1 to Dota 2: competitiveness, friendship and values

“I like it [Dota] now and I liked it back then too, the only thing that changed is that now everything is much bigger and the competitive scene is better because there are so many good teams now. Back then we had 1,2,3 teams. Definitely, the scene is much more competitive now, but It’s all about winning The International. This is the main goal for every pro gamer. Back then, the pros were much closer with each other, but I think the nature of competition just drives people to seek what’s best for them. You have a limited time to be a pro gamer and I think something that people don’t realize is how much pressure is on the pro players. You have a very limited time to achieve what you want. It’s only a few years.”

Dota 2 pro player’s limitations

“There are two kinds of limits. One is the game itself. The game became old, and then, for the human side, I’m 26 now and I feel like I can still play, but I can tell that the young people are very strong in terms of mechanical skills. The older people are more experienced and have a better strategic understanding and understand how to manage a team.”

Form, discipline and avoiding the burnout

“It’s up to us to understand that we are professionals and that we have to take care of ourselves. Eat good, do some sport and find the balance. I mean, I try to go to the gym as much as I can. The main problem for the travel, it’s the flying. We always have to fly somewhere and it’s very unnatural for the human body. we go one-time zone to another time zone all the time, every location it’s strange for you, there are always new places, you never stay at the same place, new food, some people can’t eat some type of food. So, it’s impossible to not get stressed with every travel you make. That’s why it’s important to find a balance and find a way to stay healthy, but at the end of the day, you can’t do it for a very long time.”

The Astralis model and if we will ever have an organization like them in Dota 2

“Astralis is actually my favourite team from CS:GO.

I believe that sooner or later the Dota 2 organizations will go on that direction as well. It’s just a matter of time on how the infrastructure develops. Right now Dota 2 is just about free people. We just make a team and we go play together. We are the first generation of pro gamers, but as esports become bigger and bigger and one team starts to do what Astralis do right now, I’m sure that some teams will start saying” yeah we should probably do the same thing they do” and it will snowball and it will become the norm.

In Dota 2 we have a few very powerful captains and they do all the work, the Astralis team gets from their psychologists. In the West, we have captains that are extremely good at managing people: Puppey in Secret, N0tail and Ceb in OG, Fly in EG, and PPD in NiP. It’s no coincidence that these people have always been very successful. They have very good social skills and they are doing a great job building a team. Now, a system like Astralis’ will help us have more teams that are strong and will lift some responsibilities from the team captains. “

Team Liquid, past Majors defeats and future plans

We are an “old” team, that’s the main problem. Sometimes you either make a change and get some fresh blood, or you try to fix your problems. It’s like being in a relationship and it takes time, it can take a  long time. Right now we are in a stage where we want to play together, we like each other, and we just have to go through the struggles. I hope we can make it work, I’m confident and it’s already getting better. The main struggle is that we are an old team and everyone just counters everything we do. We became obvious for them, we are not new players with a new playstyle. Sometimes, new players come to the scene like Miracle- came back then with OG and he was an extremely powerful player. Nobody knew what to do against him. Secret now have their own strength in Nisha. With us right now is that everyone knows our hero pool, our playstyle and so we have to change something and that will take a long time. It’s just a struggle we need to go through.

We have two choices: we work hard or we make changes. I made my own decision about it and time will tell.”

RuHub’s interview is a very insightful one and it tackles more subjects that the ones we extract for this article. Don’t hesitate to watch it fully.

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