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By Taras Bortnik
Special to VPEsports

Team Anvorgesa delivered the surprise on the second day of the StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor when they eliminated the only CIS team in the tournament.

Coming to the Minor without an organization behind them, Team Anvorgesa strike as another SA stack that made it from open brackets to the LAN portion of a tournament and in fact, they are not far from that concept. However, three of the team members along with their manager, Vitoria Otero, have also played last month at the OGA Dota PIT Minor. Back then, they were playing under the Majestic Esports tag, but things have changed fast for the SA team.

Taras Bortnik had the chance to interview Team Anvorgesa’s carry player, Hector Antonio “K1” Rodriguez and found out what are the biggest obstacles the team has to deal with and how was their preparation for this tournament.


Hello K1, how is it going, do you enjoy your time here in Kyiv?

We are suffering a lot because of the jetlag, actually. We’ve spent 26 hours traveling to Kyiv and the jetlag is nearly killing us. To be honest, we didn’t expect such hot weather in Europe, but we’re used to it.

Congrats on the victory over Winstrike, how does it feel to eliminate the home crowd favorites?  

I am just fine. To be honest, I don’t like playing strength heroes, I prefer playing on Terrorblade, Phantom Lancer… But, if the captain tells me to play a certain hero, I’ll do it.

Is it easier for you to play from the underdog position of here, or you don’t care about such things?  

I actually don’t feel that we are the underdogs. I know that people feel this way about us, but they also don’t actually know us. In Peru, we have a lot of skilled players, but since we have no organization, people struggle to recognize us. We played before in Croatia, at the Dota PIT Minor as Majestic Esports and placed 4th there. After that event, we realized that we can bring a high-level performance against teams that are far more experienced than us and have so much more logistical support. My teammates are skilled enough for competing at such a level, I believe in them.

First day of the tournament started with you winning the first game versus EHOME with a Meepo, but then you lost the series 1-2. Now you are going to face the Chinese team again in a series for a slot in the playoffs, do you guys feel ready, do you feel like you learned something from that loss on Day 1?

They are a good team – fight oriented team. They always stay together, no matter what happens. The same for synergy between players, it’s on point. We’ve played versus them in Croatia and we bested them there. So, we’ve done it before and I think we can do it again.  I respect their experience, but the faith in my team is stronger.

What makes your team so special?

We aren’t actually a team, in the true sense of the word. We are just five friends playing Dota together. Before the tournament, we didn’t have a bootcamp, for example. We practiced from our houses, in Peru. And we also made a few roster changes after Dota PIT. Our current line-up was completed extremely close to the open qualifiers for this Minor. We don’t have a huge pool of tactics, our drafts are based on our individual strengths and on what our captain’s thinks will be better in a certain situation.

credits: StarLadder

On paper, the Morphling – Sven duo core is stronger than Ember – Wraith King, but you’ve already managed to kill that stereotype. Your strength as Wraith Kind in the third game versus Winstrike came from framing the opponents or was it something else, something more that helped you become so powerful?

I think that all carries are pretty even in the late game. Personally, I feel that Morphling didn’t play well enough. So, he basically gave us an advantage.

Tell me a bit more about your preparations for this Minor

Speaking about the roster: we have the best mid laner from Peru, same goes for the offlane role. The three of us are forming a good core trio. We haven’t done any special preparations, but despite this, I think we are ready because we played a lot of ranked games. The thing is that we really feel comfortable to play with each other.

Aren’t you afraid that this “power of friendship” won’t be enough for you to actually qualify for the Major?

I’m not the kind of person that would say “we are going to win the tournament.” It all depends on which opponents we will have. We are a bit lazy, so it’s hard for us to get together and play.

Now that you have some results, and the experience, why don’t you consider start looking for an organization?

The thing is that in Peru, the organizations ask for big prize money cuts. Something around 70%. Only Infamous provide good conditions.

By the way, I’ve heard that there are some tense relations between Infamous and other SA teams. Is it true?

I don’t have any bad feelings about them, but they are not that strong in our region as the community might think. During the Major qualifiers we defeated them, but then lost to other teams because we are emotional. What happened that day? After our victory over Infamous, we had another game, but our offlaner just fell asleep and couldn’t wake up before the game. So we had to call another person and ask him to stand-in, but that didn’t save us. After that, we lost every game and got tilted. Anyways, the thing is we can manage Infamous, so I would say they aren’t such a big deal.


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