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The 7.27 patch will be released in two major parts, IceFrog announced on the Dota2 developer forum. The first big update will be in regard to items, economy and miscellaneous general adjustments, while the next update will focus on hero changes.

IceFrog patch 7.27

The current 7.26 patch was released two months ago, on April 17, and it touched the macro aspect of the game, with the intent of increasing the game duration. Changing the way primary attributes work and nerfing the gold bounties wasn’t received too well by the players, and the 7.26 meta developed around pushing strategies, forcing the majority of the competitive games to end in the 30 to 40-minute mark window.

IceFrog hasn’t given any hint in his forum post about the possibility of rolling back the bounty and kill streak gold formula, but the hopes are that the change will be reverted or at least adjusted to a value closer to what it was prior the 7.26 gameplay update. It will be interesting to see if IceFrog sticks to the removal of the secondary effect on primary attributes or not, but in any case, the 7.27 meta will be most likely defined by how the heroes changes will match the macro aspects.

As of now, the pushing and split pushing heroes are kings of the drafts. Lycan, Death Prophet, Beastmaster, Chen, Nature’s Prophet and most recently Luna have dominated the competitive scene, given the push tools they provide.  The current meta has developed on aura stacking and push timers, and it’s often called the “zoo meta”, which is a direct reference to the drafts geared to overwhelm the opponent with summons. 


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