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A triple Rampage and total domination from Gambit Esports summarize the first day of the Bucharest Minor so far.

There are still two series to be played in Group A in Bucharest, but while Ninjas in Pyjamas, Keen Gaming, and Team Team are still dueling for the second, third and last place in the group, Gambit Esports have already finished their group stage run.

Day one opened with two series running in parallel. On one stream it was Keen Gaming who delivered the first upset of the tournament by taking down 2-1 NiP and on the other it was Gambit delivering the first triple rampage of the event in their series against Team Team (TT). The opening series, both went to a decisive game three. NiP managed to bounce back after a harsh 20 minutes loss versus the Chinese team while Gambit started the tournament with a loss to TT.

Gambit Esports versus Team Team

Game one between these two was extremely close and it all came down to the final five minutes of the game, when TT managed to wipe Gambit, force buybacks just to wipe them again and take the victory.  The loss was just a wakeup call for the team who just this past weekend defeated the TI8 Champions 3-0 in the grand finals of WePlay! Winter Masters. Gambit returned from the break totally motivated and crushed TT. They gave their opponents just two kills while they scored 22 in exactly 22 minutes, the duration of the entire game. TT went with a very mobile draft in game three. They had Anti-Mage, Mirana and Phoenix to toy with Gambit, but the Russians countered the NA team with a Puck. Vasily “AfterLife” Shishkin played the Puck in the offlane and rushed a Blink Dagger and Boots of Travel so he can hunt down the AM on the map as soon as possible. He had an amazing game, which enabled his Medusa played by Nikita “Daxak” Kuzmin to become basically immortal. Daxak closed the game in style with a triple Rampage in the TT base.



Gambit Esports versus Keen Gaming

After those crushing last two games against TT, Gambit’s confidence levels got super high and in the winner’s finals of Group A against Keen Gaming, the Russian team let Daxak play Meepo in game one. He once again went mid lane forcing Keen to send Sven to try to deal with him, although the plan for the Chinese teams was to have Queen of Pain going mid lane. Daxak recognized from the start the damage outcome potential from Sven in the late game stages so he chose a triple Eye of the Skadi build without any mobility items.

His choice proved more than inspired as Keen managed to only kill him once. In game two Keen made the mistake of drafting just one hero with a lockdown ability, namely Rubick, which was also their first pick, while Gambit had Dazzle on their side and Anti-Mage to punish the Chinese draft. And punish they did and took a fast 2-0 victory. The first seed of Group A means that Gambit will start the playoffs run in the upper bracket where they will play against the second placed team in Group B. Playmakers, OG, EHOME and BOOM ID are the four teams of that group and will enter the competition only tomorrow, February 10. Until then, day 1 continues in the PGL offices with the loser’s and the decider series of Group A. Stay tuned for updates!


headline picture courtesy of Gambit Esports via Twitter

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