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Photo by: Gambit Esports

The playoff stage of the Bucharest Minor begun today with the Upper Bracket kicking off today’s action. There were 2 series to be played in the Upper Bracket; EHOME versus Keen Gaming and OG versus Gambit Esports – both huge series with the losing teams moving down to the Lower Bracket of the playoffs.

EHOME and Keen opened up the day in an all-China battle to be the first team in the Upper Bracket finals. EHOME came into the series without a single loss in the tournament so far and nothing changed by the end of the series. With what seems like an easy victory, EHOME took a 2-0 win and secured themselves a spot in the Upper Bracket Finals which guaranteed them a top 3 finish at the Minor and got them one step closer to an appearance at the Chongqing Major.

The next series was even more hype than the first with Gambit going up against the champions of The International 2018, OG. Gambit had, just last week, destroyed OG at the WePlay! Winter Madness event and everyone was closely watching to see whether the CIS squad would continue to dominate their opponents.

Game one was exactly what was expected from Gambit going up against OG – with the CIS squad ripping through their opponents for nearly half an hour and forcing out a GG call. Gambit racked up 30 kills to the poor 4 from OG, never allowing any of the TI winner’s cores to make any impact on the game. The next game was just as bad for OG – Gambit never stopped laying into them, picking off their heroes at every turn and the game was over in under 20 minutes.

There was no stopping Gambit as they STOMPED OG down into the Lower Bracket in a 2-0 win, while they themselves marched into the Upper Bracket Finals where they will meet EHOME.

The day of Dota 2 action is not over, with the Lower Bracket of the Playoffs coming up next as 2 teams will find themselves eliminated from The Bucharest Minor.

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