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photo by ESL One

The final day of ESL One Katowice kicked off with the lower bracket finals between OG and Gambit Esports. There were clear favourites in the victors of The International 2018, who seemed to have regained their composure and seemed ready to dominate – but Gambit were definitely not a team to let OG overcome them easily.

The picks coming out from OG seemed to be perfect to finally take a victory over Gambit and it looked promising in the early game. OG controlled the map and took a small lead up until just before half an hour in when the CIS squad turned up the heat. Nikita ‘Daxak’ Kuzmin’s Ursa was near-unstoppable and with a godlike streak, he turned the table to claim an early series lead.

With their backs against the wall and elimination looming, OG came into the next game looking extremely strong once again. With a Lycan as well as Brewmaster, OG claimed an early game lead – but as usual, Gambit were more than equal to it. OG seemed lost at times while still putting up a great fight but they were nothing compared to Gambit.

Gambit Esports continued to be the ultimate bane on OG and now hold a 9-0-win streak over the TI winners as they move on to face Team Secret again, this time in the grand finals of ESL One Katowice 2019.

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