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photo courtesy of PSG.LGD

Chinese outlet talked to PSG.LGD legendary support Xu “fy” Linsen and tried to find out from him why the Chinese team is yet to win a Major this season. Fy has also answered a few questions regarding his team’s drafts and the synergy between their two coaches.

The interview was conducted and published by uuu9 in Chinese and we have their permission to share with the Western readers the English translation of their interview. Special thanks to Yuhui Zhu who provided the translation for VPEsports.


Does Disneyland makes this Major a bit more special?

Nothing different to be honest, we haven’t got time to go out and visit around.

LGD have always been one of the top teams, but the best result for you this season is top 4 at the Chongqing Major. What do you think are the problems behind your results?

I’m not really satisfied with our results this season so far. There are many reasons for our poor performance like we didn’t rest properly after TI8, so we had a long vacation to make it up later in the season. Also, we had some temporary roster changes because someone wanted to take a break, but I would say the main reason is still that we didn’t rest properly after TI8.

What’s your goal coming into the Pairs Major?

We have only two Majors left this season so I believe everyone is aiming for the title.

Yao has returned to the team and will help QQQ as a coach. It’s rare for a Chinese team to have two coaches. From players’ perspective, what things has this additional coach brought to team?

It’s beneficial to us for sure. There will be another person who can point out our misplays and help us improve. The downside is sometimes we will have too many different voices which may confuse the team.

credits: uuu9

If there are disputes within coaches, who will have the final saying?

Only QQQ stays with us during the drafting phase. We don’t usually have disputes during the drafting phase. What we do is to analyze after the game ends which pick failed to serve its purpose or where it has gone wrong for us.

There has clearly been drafting style changes for LGD recently, you even picked Phoenix, a hero that hasn’t been seen in the competitive scene for a while, and you lost that game. Was that pick an improvisation or was it part of the plan?

We picked Phoenix to counter our opponents’ lineup. We just played poorly that game.

Some casters are saying that you have won more games by babysitting Chalice than giving up on him. What’s your take on that?

It’s not about babysitting, in this patch teams need to make sure none of the three lanes are heavily lost. As in you can’t be super behind after the laning stage. Every lane and every basic item you purchase during laning stage matters a lot. We will be happy if none of us is extremely under-farmed during the laning stage.


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