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photo by: BOOM ID

The Bucharest Minor entered the playoffs phase today and the first elimination series of the tournament is most probably going to remain in the Dota 2 history books.

It’s not what you would imagine. Neither BOOM ID nor their adversaries, Team Team, delivered that huge play that will run in every single highlight. Instead, the ending of game one will for sure have a slot in any top fails clip at the end of 2019. Feels weird to talk about the end of the year when it’s just January 2019, but it’s not even close to how it felt for the BOOM ID players today at the Minor when they called out the GG while their creeps were actually taking down the Team Team Ancient. A rookie mistake cost them their tournament life and their chance at going to the Chongqing Major.

What happened?

Close to the 40-minute mark of game one BOOM ID were in the lead with over 6K experience advantage and a full lane of barracks taken from the NA squad. Team Team ran a duo core line-up with Medusa and Ursa, which at least in theory should have been enough to outmaneuver the Indonesian team. However, for almost the entire game, Medusa got kited around in each and every team fight and Ursa alone couldn’t win the team fights, despite Samuel “Sammyboy” Anderson’s absolutely outstanding efforts. Nonetheless, though there were the many sloppy plays and some questionable item choices, Team Team were able to drag the game in a late scenario when Medusa unleashes fatal amount of right-click damage. And so, they managed to finally breach BOOM ID’s high ground around the 49-minute mark. They wiped the Indonesians in their own base, took the bottom lane of barracks and pushed straight for the tier four towers and the Throne.

While the two teams were 100% focused on the team fight happening in the BOOM ID base, the Radiant side’s creeps were in the opposite base doing their best to win the game for their side. None of the teams seemed to have noticed the gravity of the situation. Although their own Throne was definitely going down to creeps, none of the Team Team players attempted to teleport back home to hold the base. At the same time, BOOM ID seem to not have noticed that they were actually winning and after their carry died without buyback available they called out the GG. Could it get even more weird? Yes. BOOM ID even had the Glyph of Fortification available to prevent Team Team from winning the base race, but they never used it.

Going into the second game, BOOM ID managed to recover from what will remain in the Dota 2 books as the “weirdest ending ever” and pushed the series in a decisive game three, but lost the match-up to a super farmed Terror Blade.

“These teams are playing sloppy, that’s why they are a the Minor,” said Henrik “AdmiralBulldog” Ahnberg yesterday in a post-game analysis on the official English broadcast, and his words couldn’t been proven more right today with the first elimination series where BOOM ID have no one to blame for the loss but themselves and their awkward GG call in a game that they were actually winning. 

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