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EXTREMUM are one of the four qualified teams to the Upper Division of CIS DPC League and despite not being considered a top three contender, they had a pretty good chance at delivering an upset in their last series of the week two in the league.

After starting the week with a victory against Team Unique, Sergei “G” Bragin’s EXTREMUM had a best-of-three battle scheduled for Sunday evening with Natus Vincere, one of the region favorites for one of the three tickets to the Major. Game one started with EXTREMUM demolishing NAVI with a 23 minute Divine Rapier on Medusa. The Rapier timing was the go signal for EXTREMUM to press the issue on high ground and never gave their adversaries a chance to leave the base.

That marked NAVI’s first lost game in the league so far, and the second game didn’t start well either, as they gave four kills to their opponents in the first minute of the match. 

EXTREMUM were once again looking to press the issue fast, again with Medusa, but this time playing against a Phantom Lancer and a mid-lane Death Prophet, which was constantly pushing the towers. NAVI’s draft excelled in the team fight department with Enigma, Disruptor and Earth Spirit on their side, so EXTREMUM had to play defensively and do damage control with Evgenii “Chu” Makarov on Treant Protector.

However, around the thirty-minute mark, Chu disconnected from the game and encountered a bug that’s been around for a while now. He didn’t have the reconnect button anymore and his team was forced to finish the match 4 versus 5 with no possibility to remake the lobby. Moreover, EXTREMUM received a draft penalty in game three and ended up losing the series 1-2. Today’s unfortunate defeat pushes them on the 6th spot in the league with an overall 3-5 game score, while NAVI keep their first spot with three victories and a 6-1 overall game score.

headline picture: StarLadder

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