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Second iteration of Midas Mode is set in stone to be one of the very first tournaments after TI9 and courtesy of Jake “SirActionSlacks” Kanner’s sick mind, the event is not to be missed.

September 24th – October 2nd, 2019 is the time frame when Dota 2 fans will have the opportunity to witness complete chaos in a structured tournament format. Starting from a basic idea in season one of allowing the audience to ban certain heroes or force the players to certain restrictions, Midas Mode 2 has gone extremely far. This second edition of the tournament will be hosted in a Lan set-up, but with a twist. No team will be present at the venue. Instead, all the money that would otherwise be spent into accommodating the teams for the tournament, will now go into creating something unique for the fans on-site.

Earlier this month SirActionSlacks launched the official website for Midas Mode 2.0 and announced a summer sale of EVERYTHING that’s on the Dota 2 map. In short, people can purchase any Dota 2 assets, rename them or even alter the map. The selling campaign is held on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo and so far two heroes have been purchased, renamed and received new cosmetics exclusively for this tournament. Additionally, SirActionSlacks announced on Twitter that “a concerning amount of people are purchasing items and naming them after bath water.”

Last night, July 22nd Evil Geniuses couldn’t resist the temptation and kind of auto-invited themselves to the tournament by making an offer to the organizer. They asked SirActionSlacks to be allowed to purchase all Cliffs on the Dota 2 map and to be granted the power of removing them from the map if they are to play an elimination map. The Cliffteezy meme took birth in the 2018-2019 Dota Pro Circuit after EG’s carry Artour “Arteezy” Babaev got isolated by his adversaries on a cliff through several tournaments. Chongqing Major, DreamLeague Major and Disneyland Major share a Cleffteezy moment. EG have also secured a couple of third-place finishes this year, which made SirActionSlack reply to EG’s request of buying the Cliffs for Midas Mode 2.0 with a hilarious counter offer.

The deal was sealed in an instant and if we are to trust both parties that they will keep their promises, then Evil Geniuses are the first team confirmed to participate at Midas Mode 2.0.

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