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The Summit 9 Dota 2 event has been giving us some great pre-TI8 action over the last few days and with the Grand Finals of the tournament wrapping up just a few moments ago, Evil Geniuses were victorious. The Beyond the Summit house saw 6 teams enter its halls for 5 days of action but in the end only one would walk away victorious but the event seemed more just a great way for teams to pick up some pre-TI practice and play around with new strategies.

After Fnatic cruised passed VGJ.Storm in the Lower Bracket finals earlier in the day, it seemed that they would put up much more of a fight – but after a loss in game 1 which saw them throw away a nearly sure victory at one point, the team seemed to fall apart a bit. The second game in the series seemed too easy for EG and Fnatic just never got themselves off the ground. The third game, which turned out to be the final one of the series, was hard fought from both sides – but Fnatic just seemed to be no match for their opponents and before long they succumbed to the EG lineup’s power.

This is now EG’s third ever victory at The Summit event and the NA squad definitely seem ready for TI, losing a total of 3 games through the entire Summit event. Every team was given $1000 per a victory in the group stage and the remaining $70,000 was split between the teams depending on their playoff placement. The final standings were:

1st place: Evil Geniuses
2nd Place: Fnatic
3rd Place: VGJ.Storm
4th Place: Let’s Do It
5th/6th Place: paiN Gaming/OpTic Gaming

As we have seen in recent times, Crystal Maiden has begun to really stand out in the game and was the hero with the most combined pick/ban rate as she was either picked or banned in nearly every single game in the tournament. Pudge and Necrophos were 2 other dominant picks for teams, both having their fair share of picks and bans – and both holding a winrate of over 50% too. Heroes not picked at all included the likes of Naga Siren, Earth Spirit, Night Stalker and Bounty Hunter – all of whom were very highly contested prior to this event.

With only 3 weeks left until The International 2018 kicks off, it will be interesting to see what other heroes start to come to the forefront of the Dota 2 meta and which fade away.

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