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Over a month after it was announced that Zhang “Eurus” Chengjuns transfer from Vici Gaming to Elephant.4AM was completed, and after all the drama surrounding the awkward formation of the new roster was over, new issues surfaced as VG announced that the payment is in fact still not made.

Elephant.4AM should have played for the first time against Vici Gaming today at China Dota2 Pro Cup Season 2. However, right before the series, Vici Gaming announced that Eurus’ transfer was not completed, therefore they won’t allow him to play against them with Elephant.4AM nor will they allow him to play under the 4AM tag in any other tournaments until the payment is made.

Vici Gaming announcement via Weibo (translation provided by Blair Zheng)

“During the transfer period of this season, Vici Gaming did not reach an agreement with Elephant on the transfer of Zhang “Eurus” Chengjun. Based on careful consideration for the player, we’ve made concessions for Eurus to join them first for training and tournaments.

However, until now, Elephant still hasn’t confirmed the date of payment for Eurus’ transfer fee, leaving the transfer procedures uncompleted yet.

After final communication between both parties, before Elephant pays off Eurus’ transfer fee, Eurus cannot play for the team in tournaments for the time being.

We hope that our fans and followers understand the decision.”

Vici Gaming-Eurus

According to Vici Gaming co-owner, Chen Qing, Eurus’ transfer fee of ¥1,500,000 was a “known fact” since the beginning of the year, but the Elephant investor simply refused to pay it and dragged the whole situation to a point where Eurus himself was ready to pay the fee himself. Chen Qing accused Elephant a month ago of exploiting Eurus’ wish of playing alongside Lu “Maybe” Yao and Xu “fy” Linsen.

At the beginning of October, it was stated by the VG co-owner that the transaction fee was, in the end, paid, or at least agreed on by Elephant.

Nonetheless, after the team played their first tournament together finishing runners up at CDA-FDC Professional Championship, the problem is still not solved.

Given the situation, Elephant.4AM had to play today against Vici Gaming with Chen “Xz/GTR ” Zezhi standing in. GTR is their assistant coach, although the team doesn’t really have a lead coach as they couldn’t afford to pay Bai “rOtK” Fan after initially talking to him to join the team.

At the same time, 4AM posted an official notice on Weibo to shut down the rumors citing that they’ve been fully acquired by the Chinese investor Elephant.


Translation provided by Blair Zhang

“4AM Esports Club Announcement

Since the rumor about our club getting acquired is widely spread, 4AM Esports Club hereby makes this asseveration as follows:

Since its establishment, 4AM has one and only one actual investor, Wei Lian, and it has been operating independently by now, without any capital injection yet.

4AM Esports Club signed a two-year cooperation agreement in March 2019 with the Multi-Channel Networks, Elephant, as the agent for the management of our We-media accounts, with the scope of cooperation limited to, TikTok, and other We-media platforms. During the period of cooperation, partial payment of Elephant for the cooperation was in arrears, and the two parties had a failure in negotiation on the operation plan for the Dota 2 project. The Dota 2 project is temporarily funded and operated independently by Elephant, with subsequent matters relating to the cooperation still under negotiation.

In order to put an end to such rumors, the club has contacted a law firm to start an investigation and will take legal measures to protect the club’s legal rights.”


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