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The Chongqing Major entered the playoffs stage today and two teams are already in the semi-finals.

Team Secret versus Team Liquid was the series that opened the day and unfortunately for Liquid, their stand -in Chu “shadow” Zeyu announced on his Weibo page even before the match that he is having a nasty stomach ache. “Feels like I’m dying. Had vomiting and diarrhea all morning,” he posted. However, he, of course, showed up for the series, but the games went to Secret’s way pretty fast.

Liquid tried to play a fast-paced game with a mid lane Pugna and Shadow on Phantom Assassin, but Secret had Morphling and Rubick which opened the potential of a double Nether Blast for them. On top of that, they also had multiple AOE stuns provided by a support Sven and a core Tiny to secure any kill they wished. Secret continued to dominate in game two as well, again with a well-rounded team fight oriented draft.

Immediately after the series was over Shadow ended up at the hospital from where he updated his Weibo saying that he was diagnosed with acute gastroenteritis. “It looks like I have to watch the games from the bed. Wish I can get well soon,” he added.


Hopefully, Shadow gets better by the time Liquid have to play their lower bracket series, which is on the 23rd of January against the winner of TNC vs Aster.

For Secret, although they won today, there is no day off. They will be back tomorrow to fight for a top three slot against EHOME.

The Bucharest Minor champions, EHOME made it to the upper brackets Playoffs via Group A matches and today they fought for a top six slot at the Major against Fnatic, the group D winners. To many, Fnatic were the surprise of the tournament so far. They weren’t given too many chances in the group, however, they proved everyone wrong with their flawless run. In today’s series against the Chinese team, they went with more of a reactive draft in game one and tried to counter the many buffs their opponents were aligning. EHOME had the Lich aura slow, the Atrophy aura a Shadow Fiend to reduce Fnatic’s armor even more and the Tusk Visage combo. To all these Fnatic responded with a core Sven for the Storm Hammer dispel level 15 talent, and with a support Brewmaster. However, their line-up wasn’t able to shine before the mid-stage of the game when it was already a tad too late as EHOME’s pushing power and team fighting tools were clearly superior.

Fnatic pushed to take the series to a game three, and they did it by stomping EHOME in game two in just 18 minutes with an unstoppable Pyo “MP” No-a on Timbersaw. However, in game three they got out drafted by the Chinese. EHOME escaped with a Draw-Visage combo, while also having Dark Seer to ensure the laning stage. Fnatic were reliant on big ultimates cooldowns and had no catch spells to actually keep EHOME in place during team-fights and so they were pushed in the lower brackets rounds at the Chongqing Major.

Day 1 in the Playoffs continues with another upper bracket quarterfinals, versus Evil geniuses followed by PSG.LGD versus Vici Gaming.

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