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The tension intensifies in the Axiata Arena at the Kuala Lumpur Major as the tournament is getting closer to its final act.

PSG.LGD and Evil Geniuses were the protagonists of the elimination opening matchup of the penultimate day at the Major. The Chinese returned to the arena after a demoralizing loss yesterday against Team Secret in the upper bracket semi-finals and continued to look completely lost today in the first game versus EG. Without their coach next to them at this event, PSG.LGD messed up a lot, from drafting to execution. In game one they had a Silencer-Enigma-Centaur Warrunner wombo-combo but weren’t able to find the right timings or to coordinate those heroes. They lost all the three lanes and when it came down to the big team fights EG had the initiation advantage with Axe and Brewmaster and they also had the DPS follow-up to dismantle PSG.LGD.

But, in spite of the incredibly bad first game, the Chinese were able to show their true colors in game two. They took out of the drafting pool two of the meta big heroes, Arc Warden, and Terrorblade, while EG banned Morphling themselves. With those three gone the only questions remained were who will pick Spectre and who will get the Phantom Lancer. PL was never picked, but Spectre went to the EG side. PSG.LGD kept their carry option hidden until the very last pick of the draft when they probably wished to go with Anti-Mage, but EG read their intention and prevented it with a Puck for Syed “SumaiL” Hassan and so the Chinese were forced to pick Luna for themselves. They had a core Tiny and a core Magnus as well with Fy-God on his signature Rubick, which gave them the laning stage superiority. The Reverse Polarity into Tiny Toss-Avalanche combos and Luna’s spells gave LGD a comfortable lead, but as the time went on, the two teams continued to fight on one side of the map and with Spectre getting a few crucial kills, she was able to complete a Heart of Tarrasque and pretty much become immortal. EG executed their strategy to perfection and also benefited from an incredibly well played Weaver support by Andreas Franck “Cr1t-” Nielsen, who besides saving his teammates time and time again, he also put LGD at a disadvantage by stealing two Aegises from them.

With Spectre becoming bigger and bigger, PSG.LGD remained stuck in their belief that they have to somehow burst her down first and wasted a few RPs on her alone to no avail. towards the end of an action-packed late game, PSG.LGD lost multiple team fights in a row and were forced to watched their throne going down while they had no buybacks on their cores. Unfortunately for them,  the 0-2 loss versus EG also means elimination from the Kuala Lumpur Major. The Chinese team finished top six while EG are now set to enter the arena for the second time today, this time around to fight against their former captain and the TI5 winner Peter “ppd” Dager, who is now playing from the European region with Ninjas in Pyjamas.


NiP Eliminates SEA’s Last Hope at the Kuala Lumpur Major

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