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SEA Dota 2 fans are in for a treat with the start of the 2021 Dota Pro Circuit. All teams in the Upper Division delivered truly entertaining games to watch and the upsets kept coming since day one of the competition.

One of the big surprises were BOOM Esports, who despite changing their carry player two weeks before the DPC started, they still managed to take down Fnatic to deliver one of the biggest upsets so far in the League.

The victory keeps them in contention for a top three finish, thus a slot at ONE Esports Singapore Major. With three weeks down in the round robin League format, and three weeks to go, we caught with BOOM’s latest addition, Andrew “Drew” Halim, to see how he adapted to his new team and if he feels any kind of pressure through the second half of the League schedule, when basically every game is crucial for BOOM Esports in regards to the Major ticket.


Hello Drew, and thank you for taking the time to talk to us mid League play.

I’d like to start by congratulating you and the team for the early victories in the competition and to ask how confident you were before the series against Fnatic that you guys can take down the top team in your region?

Thanks, for me personally I feel a little bit confident against Fnatic.

You just joined BOOM Esports, do you feel like you had enough time for practice and for building chemistry with the rest of the team members, or is it something that still needs some work?

I believe we had enough time to practice (2-3 weeks), and for the chemistry, I feel it’s pretty good, but it still can be improved.

Most people know you from the previous season, when you were playing with Reality Rift. Unfortunately, your former organization couldn’t survive the pandemic challenges. How did you power through such hard times and how did you get recruited at BOOM Esports?

It was a much needed break for me anyway. You just have to focus on yourself, improving daily, grinding Dota. All that matters is that when the time comes you get recruited, you are ready to show what you are capable of.

You are one of the fresh faces in the competitive scene. You made your debut just in 2019, but when did you actually start playing Dota and how did you discover the game?

I’m not sure when I started playing DotA, but I believe it was around 7th-9th grade. It was still DotA 1. My older and younger brothers actually played it first, I watched them play and got interested.

How did you make the step towards a competitive career?

I just love the game and couldn’t stop playing it. Halfway through my university studies, I decided to take a gap year and fully focus on Dota, and I managed to get recruited into a team.

Have you always played carry, or was it another role that you played at the very beginning, before turning pro?

My main role was actually mid, but I do play carry sometimes too in pubs. Teams that offered me only had slots available for the carry position, so I basically gave it a shot. I started playing carry since my first pro team and I enjoy it.

Are you happy with how the meta develops this patch from a carry perspective?

Yeah, it’s fine.

You played a couple of Phantom Lancer games already in the DPC, aren’t you afraid that you will crush the server with the illusions one of these days? Did it happen to you in pubs or practice games?

Haha, I don’t think it happens with Phantom Lancer alone . You need to combine it with Monkey King ulti or something like Chaos Knight ulti.

If you could remove one hero from the game, which one would it be?


How much practice do you guys do now, during the DPC League, do you scrim with the teams from the upper division and/or lower division?

It’s around like 5-7 sets of scrims before an official, and yes we do scrim with the teams in both divisions.

If you could replay the first game versus T1, the one where you guys chased T1 in their base a few too many times, what would you do differently?

There were a few personal mistakes from each player, we just needed to play and communicate better.

Your next opponent is TNC, who must be very hungry for a victory, do you feel intimidated by their status in any way?

I don’t feel intimidated at all, we just need to play the best Dota 2 we know.

Southeast Asia received three slots at the first Major. Right now BOOM is on the 4th spot in the standings and you guys have three more series on the schedule. How confident are you that you can snatch a top 2 finish to avoid the Wild Card competition?

I don’t really feel scared or over confident. We just need to be ready for these upcoming games and I believe we can make it.

I wish you best of luck through the next three weeks of DPC League and I hope we get to see you guys at the Major. 

Thank you.


BOOM Esports will resume their League play this coming Wednesday, February 10 with a best-of-three series against TNC Predator. The match-up is scheduled for 12:00 CET/19:00 PST so, make sure you tune in on the PGL official channel to catch all the action live.


headline image: DreamHack

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