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While The International 2018 Group Stages came to an end just a few moments ago, for teams such as VGJ.Storm, their position in the Main Event was already decided at a much earlier point in time. With that, it was brought to the attention of those in charge at TI that the team had in fact used two coaches through their drafts in the Group Stages. A long tweet from Dota 2 said that the team had apparently asked a PGL employee and they had agreed to this being okay.

Jack ‘KBBQ’ Chen tweeted out after this explaining the situation from his and the team’s side, stating one again that nobody had stopped them – nor were they trying to hide it.

image: Twitter

The punishment that would be handed down would see the team be unable to utilise a coach at all for their first series along with having a level 2 draft time penalty.

image: Twitter

Once again, the Dota 2 community has taken to social media to be very vocal on the matter, some siding with Valve’s decision, other’s wondering why there seem to be variables they don’t understand. All-in-all, at the end of the day, VGJ.Storm are the top seed from their group and will go on to the Rogers Arena to face an opponent having a disadvantage.

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