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Dota 2 mod Auto Chess has reached another milestone. The child of Chinese game developer Drodo Games has passed 6M subscribers and is one of the hottest products on the market without even being an independent game on its own.

Auto Chess’ growth has been meteoric. Its 6M subscribers record comes less than a month after it reached 4M in mid-February. Since then, the mod has been growing with 42,000 subscribers each day. If this speed persists, Auto Chess will reach 7M subs in less than two week.

Dota 2 Auto Chess subscriber milestones:

— Feb. 16: 4 million
— Feb. 27: 5 million
— Mar. 12: 6 million

Just like last month, the question for Auto Chess and Drodo is this: What’s next? Recent reports by VPEsports have indicated that Valve are considering bringing the mod and its developers in-house to commercialize it further, turning it into a proper member of the Valve family. The move would not just fit Valve’s company culture of investing in community projects, but also bring some good PR after their own Dota-inspired side project Artifact has failed.

And while Artifact’s esports scene is growing smaller and smaller, Auto Chess’ is budding. WePlay recently ran an AutoChess Staff Cup. On Mar. 13, another tournament, Twitch Rivals Showdown, will begin. The Chinese community has also picked up the game and domestic organizers like DouyuTV and ImbaTV are set to run their own competitions.

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