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Dota 2 is a game with many intricate details and the huge number heroes with their unique skills lead to some interesting interactions. To do the math, considering 117 heroes each with four abilities, two ability combinations come out to be 7,413,705! Yes, over 7 million possible combinations. While we won’t be able to cover all of them, some interesting ones involving the new Snapfire ability ‘Gobble Up’ and ‘Spit Out’ as well as Pudge’s Dismember after he gets an Aghs Scepter are worthy contenders. Let’s take a look at the descriptions of the Scepter abilities.

Snapfire Scepter ability: Mortimer gobbles up a creep or an allied hero, which he can then spit towards enemies. The unit stays in his belly up to 3 seconds. Mortimer spits out the unit that’s in his mouth, causing impact damage and stun in a large area. The glob leaves a pool of firespit that slows and applies damage over time.

Pudge Scepter ability: Dismember can be cast on allied heroes, including clones and illusions, excluding creep-heroes. Applies a strong dispel on the target and disjoints projectiles upon cast. The allied hero is invulnerable, hidden and spell immune while swallowed.

(1) Snapfire’s Gobble Up and Spit Out is a great way to initiate a fight paired with heroes who have game changing ultimates, but it stops channelling

When Snapfire’s Aghs was released, everyone saw this as probably the best use of it – throwing the likes of Enigma and Tidehunter into enemies using the new skill and having them initiate a fight using Black Hole or Ravage respectively. The best part is, the skill has a range of 3000 and stuns the enemies when the ally lands, so there is time to pop BKB and and ensure the skill isn’t stopped before the cast point is over. However, the skill does stop channelling, so you cannot have Enigma already channeling a Black Hole when Snapfire throws him.

(2) Underlord’s Reality Rift timer continues even when he is consumed by either Pudge or Snapfire

Reality Rift is not a channeling spell, it is a teleport delay, so it continues not just when Underlord is thrown to a different location, but even when he is consumed and kept inside. This can come in handy in multiple scenarios. Snapfire could pick up and hurl Underlord towards an ally that needs a quick escape and in case Underlord has started his ultimate and is about to die, Snapfire or Pudge could consume him to keep him alive so that the entire team can get out of there!

(3) Gobble Up does not end Legion Commander’s Duel, but Dismember does

Duel is one skill which interacts differently with Gobble Up and Dismember. Even when Snapfire throws away a duelled hero, the ‘taunt’ effect still remains and the hero and Legion Commander will walk towards each other to finish the Duel when he/she lands. As compared to that, the Duel ends immediately when Pudge dismembers the duelled hero. It makes the Scepter upgraded Dismember an amazing save against Duel.

(4) The Winter’s Curse taunt stays in both cases

The Winter’s Curse target can be saved by consuming, but the taunt stays on and the the heroes attacking the target start following Snapfire or Pudge (the consuming hero). This move will require a BKB!

(5) Superman Sven stops when the Storm Hammer target is consumed, but the hammer continues and stuns the consuming hero

This is a weird interaction. A Sven with an Aghanim’s Scepter is flying towards a hero after using Storm Hammer, stops in his tracks when the target is consumed by either Snapfire or Pudge. But the hammer does not stop! It carries on and stuns the consuming hero. However, this can be a good way to save a susceptible core from being hacked down by Sven in the middle of the battle. It also prevents Sven from coming close to the targetted hero, which could be considered as kiting.

(6) A target under Oracle’s False Promise who is about to die when consumed by Pudge stays alive till he/she is inside Pudge, but dies right after coming out

A hero that has taken insane amounts of damage under the effects of False Promise and is sure to die can be temporarily saved when Dismembered, but the hero does not heal (like you’d expect). He/she will just stay alive as long as Dismembered, but will die on coming out. Not the most useful thing for most heroes, but could be very useful for a Wraith King (or Undying with the level 25 talent) whose Resurrection is on cooldown. Consume the hero until the skill comes off cooldown, when he comes out, it is with a second life!

(7) Any other lethal damage can be prevented by Dismember

Not a False Promised hero, but any other damage which is bound to kill an ally can be prevented by consuming him/her. A hero hit with Doom, Poison Nova or Ice Blast can stay inside Pudge’s belly until the effects wear off and their HP is regenerated.

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If there are any weird interactions you know of or have doubts about, let us know and we will check it out!

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