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It has been three weeks since we learned that Yeik ‘MidOne’ Zheng would be departing from the Team Secret active roster. Since then there have been countless rumours of what the Malaysian player would do, and it seems like more have now emerged.

In an interview with MidOne’s brother following his departure from the team, it was revealed that the player had felt exhausted and needed a break but that both he and Secret were still on good terms. His brother also revealed that should MidOne make a return to Dota 2, it could possibly be with a Southeast Asian roster. And for some time, that was the last we had heard out of the camp.

Fast forward to November 15th, just last week, when LGD Gaming announced that they would be looking to revive the once proud LGD International name with a new roster based in the SEA region. With an event to be hosted next week, November 26th, 2019, LGD.Int’s full roster is to be confirmed but as the rumour mill goes, it seems as though things could possibly have been leaked.

In reply to two separate Tweets after confirming the event in Manila, LGD Gaming responded with what could be seen as very revealing hints toward what was coming. Below you can see the two separate responses and decide for yourself if you think that this was just a “troll” by the LGD Twitter handler of if it is discretely them letting us know that MidOne would be returning?

The first post is fairly straight forward and seems more like it could be a joke. However, the text in the next reads loosely as, “Do you mean that happy boy?” with the response being, “Yes!”. “Happy Boy” is a name that Chinese Dota 2 fans gave to MidOne and as such, it points to the Malaysian player being a prominent part of LGD.Int. Unfortunately, we have no concrete confirmation of this just yet, but with the conference just a few days away, we’re itching to find out just what this new iteration of LGD.International will look like.

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