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The Main Qualifiers for The International 2018 have been fiercely underway over the last few days and the CIS regional qualifier already has its top 4 teams which will be heading into the playoffs.

The Open Qualifiers for the CIS region saw 6 teams: Team Empire, Double Dimension, ESPADA, Team Spirit, 20 min afk les and Gambit Esports, join FlyToMoon and Vega Squadron in the Main Qualifier bracket. The 8 teams played through a number of best-of-one matches as they were all vying for that single CIS regional spot in The International 2018. At the end of today’s play four teams were clearly at the top and would move into tomorrow’s playoffs while the other 4 teams fell by the wayside.

Oddly enough, Team Empire and Vega Squadron were unable to have any good performances as they found themselves at the bottom of the group, joined by 20 min afk les and Gambit. While both Vega and Empire had seen some action in the DPC, their poor form in the Main Qualifiers saw them quickly dispatched along with their TI8 dreams.

Conversely, FlyToMoon, Spirit, ESPADA and Double Dimension would move forward as their battle for the single spot in TI8 for the CIS region begins tomorrow. ESPADA have performed amazingly through the Open Qualifiers, being the team who dominated and eliminated Na’Vi from the running in the first iteration. With ex-Team Empire and Spirit members, the team looked great going into the Main Qualifiers and now with playoffs ahead, they’ll be hoping to keep dominating.

The playoffs kickoff tomorrow morning for the European crowd with FlyToMoon and DD starting off the day at 11am CEST followed by Spirit versus ESPADA at 2pm CEST. Both series are best-of-three and will not see any eliminations just yet but losing their first series will place them in the lower bracket – where elimination will loom.

The International 2018 is quickly approaching and as the Main Qualifiers for each region get underway, teams will begin to fall away as we await the teams ready to join the top 8 of the DPC who are all ready for the magnificent culmination of the Dota 2 season.


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