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Wong “ChuaN” Hock Chuan, mostly known for his professional career in China playing for Invictus Gaming and Newbee, has been recently reported to have been involved in a nasty match fixing scheme that stretched over almost a year and involved numerous SEA players.

On the 21st of September ChuaN posted on Weibo: “I’m being threatened for 5 months, I’ve had enough,” and gave no other explanation.


Chuan Weibo


Later on, he tagged a friend of his, Shen Yuchao and Tuantuan, a female CS:GO commentator from China, and accused both of them of blackmailing him with faked evidence. More than that, he claims that the two persons owe him 800,000 RMB, sum which ChuaN says he lent to Shen Yuchao back in September last year.

Shen Yuchao replied on Weibo on the same day, claiming that he has a lot of evidence to prove that ChuaN is involved in match-fixing and that the money mentioned by ChuaN are in fact deposits for bets. He also posted a bunch of Wechat screenshots dating back to 1st of September 2017, when allegedly the two talked for the first time about match-fixing SEA games.


“Some people are just full of shit. I have the dirt on you, but you act as if it’s the other way around. I wasn’t planning to say anything but since ChuaN tagged me, I guess I will spill the beans.”


“Chuan and I talked about match-fixing for the 1st time on 30th September. I do not know if he has done anything similar before that.”




– Also

– he said

– After this time

– Maybe we should stop for a while

– And play normally









–  The bet got retracted

–  Why didn’t you mention it to Chuan?

–  Responsibility is mine for the retracted bet

–  This is the 1st time



–  Chuan doesn’t really care about all these

–  He said to make it up next time. We still must pay up this time around.

–  Chuan is someone that values his own interest





–  I gave Chuan 500,000

–  300,000 for match-fixing

–  If you are willing to do this, just pay about 300,000 – 400,000 each month

–  Don’t worry

–  It’s okay if you don’t want




While most of the posts between ChuaN and Shen Yuchao have now been deleted from Weibo, ChuaN claims that the Wechat screenshots provided are a fake, even saying that he is willing to come to China and go to court to get justice.


One thing that stands out in the screenshot of the direct conversation with ChuaN on Wechat, is the date and hour format which is not in accordance with how they are usually displayed. Wechat displays 2017/xx/xx 12:00 while in the screenshot provided only the hour is displayed.



“If anyone has the proof that I’m involved with match fixing, I’m willing to fly to China for a lawsuit. As for the Wechat screenshots, everyone is capable of opening 2 Wechat clients and fake a conversation.”

“I’ve won countless champion titles, my team (Newbee) has achieved the longest winning streak in the history of professional Dota and people know how harsh I can be to my teammates when we lose a game. If I’m involved in match-fixing, why would I stop playing? Why would I flame my teammates when we lost, wouldn’t I be loving them?  I’m heartless? Yes, my family is in debt so I value my own interest, but I’ve never sold anyone for it. I’m dishonest? Who dares to say they’ve never lied in their life? If you don’t trust me then it’s futile for me to argue… My ex-teammates, could you guys comment here and tell everyone if you believe I’d do things like that. Also, thanks to all who support me, happy mid-autumn festival.”


To the latest post of ChuaN, the Invictus Gaming owner had a rough reply.

“After spending all these years in the esports scene I can say that ChuaN is the most selfish, arrogant, heartless and dishonest person I’ve ever seen and he’s also the only former IG player whom I have un-followed and removed from the Wechat friend list.”



ChuaN is far from being a beloved person in the Chinese scene despite playing there for nearly seven years. While he was actively playing for teams like IG, Newbee and Vici Gaming, he was one of the most vocal players, and as he himself admits, he might have yelled too much at his teammates. Back in the day he wasn’t a super polite person on social media either. One of the most awkward tweets of his dates from 2013 when Chen “Zhou” Yao announced his retirement. Back then Zhou was already considered a Chinese legend and he was ChuaN’s captain at IG. When Zhou announced his plans to retire ChuaN tweeted “ byebye burden.”



After Zhou left the organization, ChuaN became the IG captain and went on placing top 8 at TI4, where Newbee became the champions. After a disastrous 2015 year, Chuan was removed from IG and joined Newbee, a team where he played next to Chen “Hao” Zhihao and Zhang “Mu” Pan. He’s never been appointed captain at Newbee, but with him in the support role, Newbee achieved in 2016 the longest winning streak in the history of Dota 2, 29 victories. ChuaN was replaced at Newbee in the post TI6 shuffle after a disappointing 9-12th finish at TI6. Since then, he briefly played for Vici Gaming before moving back and forth to Malaysia trying to develop a team of his own.


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