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A possible comeback of the legendary Team DK was hinted on Weibo by Xu “BurNIng” Zhilei’s wife.

BurNIng’s Dota 2 career started with Team DK back in 2011. Legend has it that Team DK was supposed to attend the very first International but the players could not make it to the event due to passport issues. With Team DK, BurNIng became the most iconic carry player the professional scene has ever had, however, the two have never won a TI. Team DK placed 4th at The International 2012, top 6 at TI3 and 4th again at TI4.  rOtK, Mushi, Iceiceice, QQQ, LaNm, Super are just some of the great players who at some point have been playing under the Team DK tag alongside BurNIng. In the post TI4 shuffle the legendary carry left the team to form BiG God and later on to join Invictus Gaming.

After placing 5th-6th at TI7 with Invictus Gaming, BurNIng decided it’s time for him to retire from the competitive play and become a full-time streamer. Yesterday, the Chinese fans were delighted to hear from BurNIng’s wife that their idol is planning a great comeback and a great revival of the team that meant so much for his career.

Here are the screenshots of a conversation that took place on May 25 on Weibo between Pink, BurNing’s wife and some of her husband’s fans:  


It’s so difficult.

Will wait till this TI finishes and see if there are any young talents

Dig some good (handsome) players

He wants to reform Team DK







Fan: Really?

Fan: Reform DK sounds alright

Fan: Reform DK???

Pink: That’s why he visited PDD’s organization







Liu “PDD” Mou is a former League of Legends professional player. He was the captain and top laner of the League of Legends team of Invictus Gaming. PDD is currently the owner of Young Miracles (YM), a LoL Secondary Pro League Chinese team.


It is yet unclear whether BurNIng will be returning as a pro player after TI8 or if he is more interested in taking a managerial role at the revived Team DK. The fans were asking Pink yesterday about what is he intending to do but the answer gives no clarification.  “He’s thinking about playing all the time, but the community has become more toxic during these years and also he’s not at the age where he can just do whatever he wants,” said Pink on Weibo.


Time flies fast and TI8 is not that far anymore. The most important tournament of the year will take place outside the US for the first time since 2011. Fans will gather to celebrate the best players in the world and witness another piece of Dota 2 history being written this time in Vancouver, Canada, at the Rogers Arena from August 20 to 25th.  


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