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The second Dota 2 edition of World Showdown of Esports (WSOE) is set to brighten up the weekend. Without featuring all of the biggest names in the game, the event promises to be spectacular.

Set in the PokerGo studio in Las Vegas, WSOE #6: Serenity’s Destiny will pit four teams in a challenger double elimination bracket. The winner of that will go on to play on the second day a best-of-five championship match against the previous season title holder, Team Serenity. It might not sound as exciting given the fact that the Chinese team hasn’t been doing great since October last year when they won their golden necklaces. But the event has a couple of surprises already booked for the viewers, and who knows, maybe Las Vegas is exactly the kind of place where Serenity will be picking up their form.

A TI winner hunts for the WSOE necklace

J.Storm, who lost last year the finals against Serenity, are back and on their roster this time around there is a TI champion to really challenge Serenity.   In his over a decade professional career in DotA and Dota 2, Clinton “Fear” Loomis has won pretty much everything a player could dream of, but he doesn’t have a WSOE necklace to showcase yet. From all the four teams set to battle for that slot in the finals, J.Storm are the clear favorites to win the challenger bracket.

Remember USH?

We should probably mention that Team Team, with Jacky “EternaLEnVy” Mao in the carry position, won’t test everyone’s mental fortitude in games because they have withdrawn from the event. The change was done silently, as the NA squad accepted a late invite to ESL One Mumbai. In their place, WSOE welcomed Team Juniper, which is an NA stack with a few surprises in it. To begin with, they have Mason “mason” Venne carrying. The other surprise is the return of Chris”USH” Usher on a LAN tournament stage. Those who have been following Dota 2 only for the past few years, might not even know that USH was once ready to take the NA scene by storm. He was a young and reckless carry player, however, his commitment for the professional scene has slowed a lot. The last time he was giving his all was when Ioannis “Fogged” Loucas was still competing, Arif “MSS” Anwar was sneaking out of his parents’ house to pursue his dream and when The International had a Wild Card competition. That was back in 2015.

USH continued to stream every now and then, but he hasn’t stepped onto a LAN stage since Nanyang Dota 2 Championships in November 2015, when he stood in for Digital Chaos. It will be interesting to watch him play now, especially that he made a role swap and will play in the mid lane for Team Jupiter. Hopefully, they will make it past the first rounds in the bracket, because the stream for WSOE #6: Serenity’s Destiny will actually begin only with the lower bracket semifinals.

WSOE #6: Serenity’s Destiny schedule

The tournament has only two days on the stream, but day 0 is actually happening today, April 12. Don’t try to find an official stream for it because they don’t exist. However, the action can be watched in the Dota 2 client. Saturday, April 13 is the first official stream day and it will bring Richard Lewis back to the desk, hosting the entire event. He has a few surprise guests, including the NA cores of Evil Geniuses: Artour “Arteezy” Babaev, Syed Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan and the team coach Kanishka ‘Sam’ “BuLba” Sosale.

Day 0, April 12 – Schedule (Off-Stream):

Both Upper Quarterfinals – can be watched in the Dota 2 client (Games will be released as VODs on YouTube and Twitch after completion)

Day 1, April 13 – Schedule

10:15 a.m. Pacific – Upper Finals

Next – Lower Semifinal 1

Next – Lower Final

Day 2 Schedule:

10:15 a.m. Pacific – Contenders Final

Exhibition Match

Championship Match (bo5)

Official streams:

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