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Aghanim’s Shard is the latest concept on the minds of the Dota 2 community, with it being introduced with Dota 2 patch 7.28, which was released in December 2020. Considering every hero has received a Shard, there is always a debate of which heroes got the better end of the deal and which ones got the bad end. North American Dota 2 streamers Brian ‘BSJ’ Canavan, Jaron ‘monkeys-forever’ Clinton and Andrew ‘Jenkins’ Jenkins made a list rating the Aghanim’s Shard upgrades and divided it into S, A, B, C, D, F and OD tiers. Yes, the last rung of the tier list was named ‘OD’ tier because of bad Outword Destroyer’s Aghanim’s Shard upgrade is.

The tier A Aghanim’s Shards include Monkey King, Nyx Assassin, Earthshaker, Puck, Clinkz, Juggernaut, Shadow Shaman, Earth Spirit, Nature’s Prophet, Weaver, Bristleback, Enigma, Mirana and Witch Doctor. All strong Shards, expecially for cores like MK, Clinkz and Juggernaut, who can farm the Shard extremely easily and get a lot out of it. For supports like Shadow Shaman and Witch Doctor, even though the Shard upgrade is strong, there are other items to be prioritized and 1400 gold isn’t the easiest to accumulate while buying support items as well. For Mirana to be a played as a core, it is pretty much a must have item.

Aghanim’s Shard tier list by BSJ, monkeys-forever and Jenkins

The A tier includes a few questionable ones like Bane and Crystal Maiden (the Skeleton King icon represents Snapfire as no Snapfire icon was available; Void Spirit isn’t included in this list). Both Bane and CM are played as position 5 supports and getting a Shard does nothing in terms of increasing survivability or making life easier for thier cores.

Heroes like Zeus, Ursa, Lina, Grimstroke, Vengeful Spirit, Silencer and Warlock seem to have been judged a bit too harshly, as their Aghanim’s Shards can find good use in certain games.

The worst of the lot includes Winter Wyvern, Undying, Slark, Lion, Io, Axe, Outworld Destroyer and Sand King. OD and SK have been given a special tier below the F tier, and while OD’s Shard is extremely bad, SK’s Shard isn’t nearly as substandard and should probably be in tier C or tier D.

The three streamers took some time to debate their decisions and if you watch the video, they had a ‘higher’ and ‘lower’ sub tier withing each tier as well. For some heroes, the discussion is in detail while for others, there wasn’t too much discussion. As the DPC Season 1 Leagues begin this upcoming week, we will get an idea of what Aghanim’s Shards players think are worth going for in professional games, where there is a lot at stake.

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