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With the Dota 2 Pro Circuit League Season 1 kicking off in just a few days for the European region, Brian “BSJ” Canavan and Ioannis “Fogged” Loucas have revealed that they will not be making it into the region to cast the events with some of our favourites.

About a week ago, DreamHack confirmed a splendid lineup of caster, commentators and analysts who would be returning to guide us through the EU lower and upper divisions in the DPC League. Included in this were the likes of Austin “Capitalist” Walsh, Owen “ODPixel” Davies, Michelle “Moxxi” Song and Ioannis “Fogged” Loucas, to name just a few. Mixed in with them was also the familiar face and voice of Brian “BSJ” Canavan – more commonly known as “BananaSlamJamma”. Unfortunately for BSJ and Fogged, with travel being an issue due to the current global pandemic, they have been unable to get into EU.

While BSJ was the first to make a post via Twitter, confirming that he had been denied entry, Fogged followed up with a Retweet, stating that he would keep BSJ company. The EU casters announced by DreamHack would also be doubling up and taking the CIS region too, with the timezones being similar and the series generally fitting in perfectly for them.

Currently the EU and CIS tournaments are the only ones with confirmed talent lists, which means that it could be possible for Fogged and BSJ to maybe find themselves covering the North and South America DPC League. At the time of writing, it is unclear whether any of the other NA casters have had issues with entry into the EU, but for now we remain hopeful that it’s smooth sailing as the 2021 DPC quickly approaches.

headline photo courtesy of Beyond the Summit

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