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It’s good news for all the Dota 2 fans. For the first time in a very long period, all The International competitors have their visas secured, so we won’t have any drama on this topic this year.

However, Henrik “AdmiralBulldog” Ahnberg who got invited by Valve for the second year in a row to be at the analyst’s desk cannot finish the Canadian Visa papers in time. Former TI winner with Alliance, AdmiralBulldog was supposed to be at TI7 as well, but although he had all the documents in order for a tourist travel to the United States, he was returned from the airport after he declared at the boarding gate that he is going to the US to work.


Early this morning, Bulldog announced his fans via a TwitLonger post that he is going to miss the opportunity to be at TI once again as his papers for Canada are not ready, although he started the visa process six weeks ago. According to Bulldog, this time it has nothing to do with him going to Canada to work, but rather with something “stupid” that he did eight years ago.


“I just want to be completely transparent with you guys, in my late teens, 8 years ago I did one stupid f***ing mistake man. Nothing serious but enough to have a dot on my record and that has never caused any issues traveling anywhere. However, Canada is very strict about this stuff and while I still can get into Canada the procedures have been unbelievably slow. I started one and a half month ago and I probably need another month or two at least.”


Despite his youth mistake, AdmiralBulldog has been able so far to travel to a lot of countries around the world, either to compete, when he was an active professional player under the Alliance banner, or to be an analyst for the English broadcasts for various events. His most recent apparitions were at EPICENTER XL, which was hosted in Russia, and at the last tournament in the Dota Pro Circuit, the China Supermajor.

According to his post from this morning, the TI3 Champion is open to more offers from the tournament organizers for the next season as he will work on sorting out the issue that flags him for certain countries visa applications. In the meantime, he will be streaming The International 2018 games from home.


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