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Royal never Give Up (RNG) leave one team member behind after the DreamLeague Season 10 Minor as they decided to kick their support player Adam “adam/343” Shah.

RNG was formed in the post TI8 shuffle, but not without a drama. After a few days of great efforts, they were finally able to acquire Du “Monet” Peng from LFY and although they weren’t in good shape to qualify for the first Major of the season, they dominated the Chinese qualifiers for the DreamLeague Minor. It is without a doubt that the main goal for all eight teams attending the Minor was to actually win it, because this season a Minor victory brings a ticket to the Major flowing it, in this case to the Kuala Lumpur Major.

However, RNG arrived at the Minor with a stand-in as their mid lane player couldn’t secure the visa for Sweden. But even so, they had a good group stage run, which secured them an upper bracket start in the playoffs. Only yesterday RNG were fighting in the upper bracket finals against Tiger for a slot in the grand finals. And they delivered a memorable high ground defense to push the series in a decisive game three, which unfortunately for them and for Adam, they lost.

Today, RNG also lost the lower bracket finals today against a very focused and well-coordinated Natus Vincere and, just moments after the series was over, Adam Shah announced his departure from the team.

Adam confirmed for VPEsports that he got kicked from RNG “because of communication issues.” Up until now, RNG haven’t made any official announcement regarding their plans moving forward in the season. Next on the DPC schedule is the Kuala Lumpur Major and right after it, sometime at the end of November, the regional qualifiers for the second Major of the season will take place. To be eligible for an invite in the closed regionals, RNG will have to secure and register a full line-up before the open qualifiers of the second Major.

Their third-place finish at the DreamLeague Season 10 Minor brings a total of 54 DPC points, which is what they get after the 40% penalty from the total 90 points awarded to the third place finishers.


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