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With the conclusion of the StarLadder ImbaTV Minor qualifiers, Valve deployed the 7.22 gameplay update. It’s a big patch that will surely wipe the previous meta and force everyone to rethink their game plans.

Aghanim’s Scepter for everyone, even for Roshan

One of the biggest changes of the new patch is the addition of Aghanim’s Scepter to all the 24 remaining heroes without an upgrade. Roshan now drops a consumable Scepter as well. On the third respawn, Rohan will carry either a Scepter or a Refresher Orb. Players can check his inventory before killing it to see which item he carries with him. On the fourth kill, Roshan will drop both items.

Perhaps some of the most interesting Ags’s upgrades are those for Arc Warden and for Templar Assassin. Arc Warden can now spawn a random rune while TA can teleport back and forth between her Psionic Traps.

Arc Warden

Templar Assassin

Captain’s Mode new additions

Io is back to the Captain’s Mode after nearly five months since he’s been removed from competitive games. In today’s update Io returns, obviously with an Aghs upgrade and with a nerf for Tether.


·         Added to Captains Mode

·         Added Scepter upgrade. Spirits now passively spawn around you constantly every second (max of 5 spirits at a given time)

·         Tether pull can now be interrupted if stunned during it (like Timber Chain)

Mars was also added to the Captain’s Mode upon a few reworks of his spells.


·         Added to Captains Mode

·         Base damage reduced by 4

·         Base armor reduced by 1

·         Added Scepter upgrade. God’s Rebuke cooldown is now 1.4 seconds during Arena of Blood. Resets God’s Rebuke cooldown when Arena of Blood is cast.

·         Arena of Blood damage rescaled from 150/200/250 to 120/185/250

·         Arena of Blood cast point increased from 0.1 to 0.2

·         Level 15 Talent reduced from +35 Damage to +30

The expected nerf

Drow Ranger was hit by the nerf hammer, however it is only her ultimate that got weakened.

Drow Ranger

·         Marksmanship no longer instantly kills Ancients (still does damage/pierces)

·         Marksmanship now only pierces base armor not total armor

7.22 patch notes can be read fully here. More detailed patch analysis is set to be published shortly on VPEsports, stay tuned!

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