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With the International 2019 being hosted in China, Valve split the ticket sale on two different platforms. The Chinese fans had their own ticket sale on going on earlier today.

To prevent what happened in all the previous years, when the tickets sold out in a few seconds, Valve actually made an “early sale” session for Dota Plus subscribers. However, it appears that, at least for the Chinese sale, there was no distribution of the tickets for two sessions of purchases, early sale and normal sale. Once the tickets became available on for those who hold an early access code via Dota Plus, the entire event got sold out in about 50 seconds, leaving no tickets available for those who aren’t subscribed to Dota Plus.

According to the official TI9 ticket sale page on, Valve allocated 26,804 tickets for the Chinese community as follows:

  • August 20-21 CNY499 (~$72) – 9268 tickets
  • August 22-23 CNY499 (~$72) – 9268 tickets
  • August 24-25 CNY2099 (~$300) – 8268 tickets

Dota 2 official Weibo page confirmed that all tickets for were sold in less than a minute with the “early access” codes and that the normal tickets purchase session won’t start anymore.

The post translates: “All tickets were sold out within 1 minute. For those of you who failed to purchase in time, don’t worry just now, there might still be a few tickets available at 13:15 as some orders might get canceled if buyers didn’t complete the payment in time. If users with early access have purchased all tickets, there won’t be more tickets to be released at 14:15”

Western fans will have their own ticket sale on the Universe platform. The sale should, also theoretically be split in two sessions, early access for the Dota Plus subscribers and the normal sale for the rest of the customers. Those who wish and hope to buy a TI9 ticket via Universe should check the entire FAQ ticket sale page here.

Universe sale will start at 9:00 PM China Standard Time today, May 24, and according to a post made by Valve on, early access sale will run from  9:00 PM to 10:00 PM China Standard Time, and will open for all customers at 10:00 PM.

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