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XinQ is the most notoriously famous member of Team Serenity, may it be for playing Invoker with one hand or buying a Blink Dagger on QoP. He had a few words to spare when VPEports met up with him in Vancouver.

Congratulations on making it to the main event, XinQ! First TI, first big tournament and you made it through the first stage. How does it feel? Did you guys expect to make it through?

We did expect to go through. The group stage eliminates only one team, so we were quite confident.


Let’s go back to the open qualifiers. Outside China, Team Serenity was not that popular. What gave you the edge over teams like LFY?

I can’t say what gave us the edge. We tried hard and are just happy that we made it!


In the main event, you take on Fnatic in the best of 1 elimination game. What are your thoughts on the game and on Fnatic as a team?

Fnatic are a really good team. If you ask me, DJ is a God. Their team as a whole, have a really low bottom and a really high ceiling! Fnatic are extremely inconsistent. It depends on which Fnatic shows up against us. We’ll see how it goes.


When I was doing my research on Serenity when the team qualified, I realized XinQ was the most famous of the bunch. Discovered by LGD’s owner Ruru on a gaming show, famous for playing Invoker with one hand while eating noodles with the other. Tell me about the game show..what kind of gameshow was it?

It’s difficult to describe that show. It was funny and interesting. From the start to the end, they never told us what it was about. We were just told what games were to be played.


So you got recognition on 2014. Why did it take till 2018 to breakout into the scene, to get to a big tournament? Is it because you didn’t find the right teammates till now?

It wasn’t about the team, it was more about me. When I broke into the scene, I nearly made it to TI the next year. But I fell just short. For the next two years, I had to make changes to myself, to my personality. I was wild and out of control back then.


Glad to see those changes have paid off and that you are here. Looking at the drafts, I see you play some heroes not typical for an offlaner – Queen of Pain, Storm Spirit, Alchemist, Faceless Void. Is that a strong point of your team, that you can switch roles easily?

That’s mainly because of the team’s needs. Sometimes we’ll pick a hero and then realize that the hero is going to lose the mid matchup. So I just take the hero to the offlane!



The question I have been wanting to ask you for a long time – why get a Blink Dagger on Queen of Pain?! You are kind of famous for that.

There was this one time I realized it was very useful for clearing creep waves in dangerous places, like under the tower when the tower is being pressured. You Blink in, clear the wave and use QoP’s Blink to get out!


Being an offlaner, I have to ask, what do you think about the position 3 heroes being picked right now? Typical initiating offlaners like Tidehunter, Centaur and Batrider are hardly being picked. Instead, it’s right clickers like Ursa, Mirana and Weaver. What do you think is the reason for that? Are the usual ones just not right for the meta?

The recent meta has shifted very heavily towards the lanes. It important to gain an advantage in the laning stage. So you need heroes that Like Prophet, Weaver and Necro that can dominate the lane, given the changes to the experience from denying.


Stepping away from Dota, what does XinQ like to do when he is not playing Dota?

I like playing other games like Monster Hunter. Earlier I used to play a lot of PUBG.


Is there any talk amongst Chinese players about going and playing with the Western teams? I know language is a barrier, but is that something they think of?

It sounds really nice on paper. But language barrier is the thing that stops the Chinese players from doing it.


Any shoutouts?

Shoutout to out fans and to our boss for the opportunity which led us to come here!


VPEsports thanks Josh Lee for helping translate the conversation

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