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Back to back champions of ESL One Majors, are one series away from setting new records.

Earlier this year when they claimed the ESL One Katowice title, VP became the first team to have ever won two ESL One tournaments and with today’s victory in the Semifinals of Birmingham Major, the CIS team are just one series away from changing that to first team to win three ESL One Championships.

Today’s semifinals series was against paiN Gaming who had an outstanding run this week to make it so far in the tournament. paiN are responsible for Team Liquid’s and Mineski’s elimination from the second to last Dota Pro Circuit tournament. However, the end boss was too big for them to conquer. Game one broke out in a disastrous manner as Otávio “Tavo” Gabriel on Brewmaster died five times in the offlane in the first five minutes and at the same time neither top or mid lanes were doing better. Tavo’s early feed to a carry Leshrac made VP’s game a lot easier. They were able to take objectives extremely early, secure a Roshan kill at the 24 minute mark and force out the GG call in just one push for the high ground before the 30-minute mark.

Far from playing the same way they did through the group stage and the quarterfinals, paiN came prepared for VP with a bit of a more late game oriented strategy and for game two they placed Aliwi “w33” Omar on a  safe lane Gyrocopter while William “hFn” Medeiros went mind lane on Medusa. It was W33’s time this game to be constantly dived and killed. He’s been in so much trouble that he’s been forced to switch the lanes and go bottom when he was just level four. However in the bottom lane was Roman “RAMZES666” Kushnarev on Venomancer and W33 had no real chance to recover from the bad start. By the 17-minute mark VP already had a 5K gold lead and the game looked like lost. The Brazilians had a small glimpse of hope, however,  around 20 minutes into the game, when they scored three kills on the VP heroes. Unfortunately, none of the big cores died in that engagement, and nothing really big was lost on the side of the CIS squad who is now waiting for their opponents for the final act to be decided.

The ESL One Birmingham final will be played in a best-of-five series scheduled for tomorrow, May 27 at 16:00 CEST. will be fighting to claim yet another ESL One title against the winner of Fnatic vs Optic Gaming semifinal coming up next at

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