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Day 2 would belong to Vici Gaming as they took the top spot in Group B early in the day and never let it go, claiming their place in the semi-finals of the Upper Bracket at the MDL Changsha Dota 2 Major.

PSG.LGD came into today looking to continue on their unbeaten streak from Day 1, but Vici Gaming had other plans as the 2 Chinese teams went head-to-head. After showing promise in their games yesterday, including a tied series with TNC, VG managed to quelle the onslaught from LGD and claim victory. From that early victory VG would momentarily sit atop Group B with 2 series left to play for each team today.

LGD went on to face TNC next and, once again were dismantled in the opening game of the series – in under 30 minutes. But the recent Major champions had an amazing game two, with Xu ‘fy’ Liinsen coming up big for the team on a Clockwork and helping them to tie the series. LGD were looking a completely different team than they did on Day 1, unable to string decent plays together and going into their final series, things looked rough. In the opening game they were stomped by a far stronger VGJ.Storm who had no problem taking the game to their opponent’s doorstep.
The final game would decide which team would progress into the Upper bracket and who would face the Lower bracket – and after a brilliant performance from the North Americans, they destroyed PSG.LGD and claimed an upper bracket showing.

TNC opened up the day with a magnificent turn-around victory in their first game with VGJ.Storm – coming back from a near 20k deficit, the SEA squad dominated their North American opponents. However, the recent winners of GESC: Thailand’s Minor were ready to fight again and in their 2nd game they fought back and tied the series. In their final series of the Group TNC would face Vega Squadron, unfortunately for the CIS squad, they had been unable to claim any victories throughout the Group Stages and would be eliminated no matter the outcome of the series. TNC were not going to submit either as they claimed a quick and decisive victory, ensuring Vega’s demise. TNC managed to secure themselves a spot in the Upper Bracket through this victory, even though this was their first win, they were able to tie all other series and suffer no series losses throughout the Group stage.

For Newbee and Vega Squadron their opening series against each other was of utmost importance, with both teams sitting at the bottom of Group B. Vega were unable to claim any victories on Day 1 and would need to get something out of this series to avoid being a prime candidate for elimination. But it was not to be, as Newbee were just too strong for the CIS squad and a 2-0 victory was there for the Chinese team. Newbee’s Day 2 proceeded to score them 2 more points as they were able to tie their series with both VGJ.Storm and VG, however the draws were not enough to push them into the upper bracket and they would have to fight through the daunting lower bracket.

A summary of the final standings of Group B at MDL Changsha:

1st: Vici Gaming
2nd: VGJ.Storm
3rd: TNC
4th: PSG.LGD
5th: Newbee
6th: Vega Squadron

And with that, Group B comes to a close as we head into the playoffs tomorrow where we’ll see 4 Upper Bracket series before we get a day break from the Dota 2 action in Changsha, China.

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