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The first day in the MDL Major playoffs concluded with Mineski fighting against Vici Gaming in the upper bracket semifinals.

With three Major tournaments to go until TI8 and a seventh place in the Dota Pro Circuit rankings, Vici Gaming showed up determined to make the best out of their run at MDL Changsha. First step was to secure the top seed in the group stage and VG did just that. They topped group B and started the playoffs from a comfortable semifinals spot. Joining them today were Mineski who are also on the hunt for the last points available this season. Unfortunately, for the DAC 2018 winners, the battle for those will be a little bit harder now as they got sent to the lower bracket.


Vici Gaming didn’t let any of Mineski comfort picks, nor potential game-changing heroes to slip through in the first game of the semifinals and after denying Nature’s Prophet, Nyx Assassin and Clockwerk in the first round of bans, they decided to take off the table Meepo, as well as Techies and Pangolier. Mineski drafted a heavy team oriented line-up with a twist. They tried to run a core Disruptor in the hands of Daryl Koh “iceiceice” Pei Xiang but the experiment failed badly and game one went in VG’s favor.


Game two also brought an unusual pick for one of the Mineski players, namely  Chai “Mushi” Yee Fung who is not exactly renowned for his Slark plays. Nonetheless, the team trusted the SEA legend and handed him the hero. The early to mid-game stage went disastrous for Mineski who were 3K gold behind at the 15 minute mark and were still waiting for the Slark – Shadow Blade pick off game to come online. The turn around happened only at the 26 minute marker when the SEA team took their first advantageous kill trade and slowly started to recover.


Vici Gaming were forced into a late game where Slark, Dragon Knight, and Doom couldn’t be killed anymore and so the series was pushed to a decisive game three.


For the last game of the series, VG repeated almost the entire bans from game one. However, they let Pangolier to go through and Mineski didn’t hesitate to pick it for iceiceice. Both teams ran drafts favoring the team fights and both were looking to farm their cores as much as possible. VG had on their side Luna and Razor as the main heroes to take objectives with, while Mineski were hoping to seal the deal with Gyrocopter and Dragon Knight in the front lines. The difference was made by an incredible farmed Luna played by Zhang “Paparazi” Chengjun and Zhang “LaNm” Zhicheng’s Io who made sure his carry didn’t die a single time through the entire game. Paparazi closed the game with a personal 12/0/7 K/D/A, double the net worth of Mushi’s Gyro and a double Rampage achieved in Mineksi’s base.

All teams will have a day off in the MDL MDL Changsha Major, the playoffs resuming on the 18th of May with the lower bracket first round Invictus Gaming vs Newbee and PSG.LGD vs iG Vitality.


Who do you think will be the first to reach the grand finals, Vici Gaming or VGJ.Storm? Let us know on our Facebook page or in the comments section below and don’t be afraid to send us a Tweet!

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