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Vici Gaming took a few moments for a quick Q&A round with the press members present at the Supermajor. It was mainly LaNm, Ori, and old_eLeVeN who spoke and gave a few insights on team’s morale heading into TI8 and their performance at the last tournament of the DPC Season.

Q: LaNm, how would rate the team’s performance here at the Super Major?

LaNm: Not so good


Q: From MDL till now, has the team managed to get back in form?

LaNm: Not exactly, we were lucky on several occasions which allowed us to win a few games.


Q: Does your team have someone that acts like a scapegoat?

LaNm: Me, coach Mikasa and eLeVeN.


Q: Ori, you used Bloodseeker to pressure Sccc’s Storm Spirit in your series versus Newbee. Is this a counter you guys practiced or you got lucky with how the game went?

Ori: I just got my teammates to help me by lowering the HP of the other opponents’ heroes.


Q: Ori, do you have a different mentality when facing different opponents?

Ori: The skill level of the opponents I faced in the mid-lane varies, so it really depends on the situation.

Q: LaNm, as a veteran TI player, are you feeling any different attending TI this year?

LaNm: I don’t feel any difference, to be honest. The moment you enter the TI stage, nothing else matters. It all boils down to TI.


Q: What are your thoughts towards a potential return of BurNIng to reform team DK?

LaNm: He probably can’t bear to leave the scene. Our lives have been revolving around this throughout.


Q: eLeVeN, if you have to leave the competitive stage one day, will you have the feeling that you are nobody?

eLeVeN: This is inevitable. The moment we leave the competitive stage, we become ordinary people.


Q: What is VG’s goal at TI?

LaNm: Top 16!


Q: Ori, how do you manage the balance between studies and your professional Dota 2 career?

Ori: I am focusing fully on my professional career first. At this moment  I put my studies aside


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