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The final Minor of the Dota 2 Pro Circuit season had reached its climax with the grand final featuring a match-up of 2 teams who were unable to claim a direct invite to The International and thus the DPC points would not matter.

Keen Gaming had made a fantastic run through the Minor after the group stages, while they only managed 2 wins through the best-of-ones, their quarter final elimination of Evil Geniuses was followed by a semi-final elimination of Team Secret earlier today which secured them their spot in the final. The Chinese team’s fast paced play had been the bane of their previous opponents and they’d be looking to continue that to claim the Minor victory rewards. However, their change in line-up from just a few weeks ago would mean that the DPC points on offer would not count for the team and with no qualification to any of the final 3 Majors of the season, this would be their last attempt to claim victory in the DPC.

VGJ.Storm were in the same boat with the DPC points after they changed their line-up in the middle of last month, but the team had prospects in both the Super Major and MDL Changsha to look forward to. While they did much better in the group stages than their opponents, their runaway victory over Fnatic earlier today would be what the team would be hoping to focus on going into the finals as they would be hoping to secure the victory for North American Dota.

The opening of the series saw KG bringing their usual fast paced Dota and running at their opponents constantly as they secured the early game with a solid lead. However, it quickly began to slip as VGJ.Storm started to get the upper hand in team fights constantly. Jingjun ‘Sneyking’ Wu’s Abaddon’s presence in the game gave Roman ‘Resolut1on’ Fominok’s Gyrocopter tons of space to farm and allow the North American team a victory as KG tapped out just after 40 minutes.

The next game would require KG to find a way to claim victory or suffer a defeat in the series, but it wasn’t to be for the Chinese team. Once again, they found a solid early game but with Arif ‘MSS’ Anwar’s Tuskar making some amazing rotations and constantly trapping enemies in with his shards, Storm ran rampant. VGJ.Storm’s drafting was brilliant and their execution of it was near perfect and this ensured that they were almost unstoppable as each and every player was able to shine.

While Keen Gaming showed their insane strength, dominating both Secret and EG and eliminating them from the event, their run would end in the finals as VGJ.Storm claimed victory of GESC: Thailand with Resolut1on claiming the best KDA ratio in the tournament.


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