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The International cosplay contest will return for the third time and PGL will take care of the competition once more.

The TI location has changed this year for the first time since 2012 when the biggest annual event in Dota 2 moved from Germany to Seattle, but the Dota 2 cosplay contest is set to become a tradition.

Just like previous years, the cosplay participants will not need a TI ticket to participate in the contest. All those who sign up for the contest will be admitted for free to the judging phase near Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada. Fifteen selected ones will move onto the Live Cosplay Contest which will be held during the main event on the grand stage. The fifteen cosplay finalists will receive a complimentary 500 US Dollars prize each and free access to the arena on the last two days of the main event while the rest of $7,500 will be split into four different awards as follows:

$3,000 – Best in Show Award (offered for the highest overall score for a participant following the judging event)

$1,500 – Best Technique Award (offered to the cosplayer with the cleanest most precise work; the cosplay needs to impress through design, maneuverability and resistance)

$1,500 – Biggest Transformation Award (Cosplay must represent a complete outfit that impresses in scope and construction. Strong visual impact will play a key role but it must also be well made and wearable)

$1,500 – Most Innovative Award (offered to the cosplayer that will prove to be most adept at improvising, finding clever solutions to age-old problems)

Those interested to participate must be 18 years or older and must have a registered Steam account with Tax Information forms completed. The registration formulary includes contact details, a jpg reference picture of the intended character to be cosplayed, work in progress materials and can be completed online here. More information regarding the TI8 cosplay contest, rules and guidelines can be found on the official website here.

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