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Just a few weeks ago it seemed as though The International 2018’s prize pool would barely challenge that of last years – but after a weekend with the Battle Bundle sale and a bit of time in between the prize pool spiked and has now reached $20,000,000.

It was Day 50 since Valve had given us the International 2018 Battle Pass but the prize pool had dipped below that of the previous 2 years. Just a few days prior it had barely breached the $15,000,000 mark – but then came the weekend Battle Bundle sale. The climb was intense and since then, with the battle bundle sale now over, the prize pool has increased by nearly $5,000,000 – continuing to head upwards in the last week, the prize pool has now made it to the $20,000,000 milestone.


However, the prize pool for TI8 still lingers a few hundred thousand short of the TI7s total for the same period of time but we’re only just past half-way through the journey and it is almost assured to come close or even top last year’s grand total. What could Valve give us to make us throw more of our hard-earned money towards them?

With 5 weeks until TI8 kicks off and The Immortal Treasure III still looming, we could definitely be in for a prize pool that breaks the $25,000,000 mark – setting a new total as the highest amount in esports history.

Do you think that The International 2018 prize pool will be more than that of TI7? If so, how high will it climb?

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