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With just 2 days left until the China Supermajor gets underway, the groups needed to be organized – and the draw has left us with some exciting opening series.

The drawing to decide which teams would be placed in each of the 4 groups took place a few moments ago, placing the 16 teams in the spot that would essentially decide their fate for the upcoming finale to the DPC. Group A and B’s opening matches will take place on the first day of the event while Group C and D will have their first matches the following day as we venture down the long road to find the Supermajor champion. The draw placed the 4 teams sitting at the top of the DPC rankings in separate groups and then continued around them – which means that some teams would have a really tough time very early on, such as OpTic Gaming, Evil Geniuses and Natus Vincere.


Group A has Team Liquid, Newbee, Na’Vi and Team Spirit: while Newbee have been struggling lately, it’s nothing like the struggles of Na’Vi in the Pro Circuit. As for Team Spirit, they would definitely have their work cut out in this group, let alone their opening game which pits them against Team Liquid. But maybe we will see an underdog uprising.


Group B is probably one of the scarier groups to look at containing;, Evil Geniuses, Vici Gaming and TNC Predator. VP have been almost completely unstoppable this season and when placed in a group with VG, one of the top teams in the SEA and ex-TI winners, you can see why this group is definitely a tough one. EG will be on stage for their first time with their new roster too, which makes things even more tough for the North Americans.


Group C features the likes of Team Secret, Mineski, VGJ.Storm and The Final Tribe and while Secret were not looking great lately, this could be an extremely tough group for TFT to leave. Their opening series against Secret will definitely be one to watch to see if they can make their EU qualifier stop count – while Mineski will be fighting against a team that has looked in top form lately, challenging for that top spot in NA Dota.


Finally, Group D – another terribly scary group for all the teams in it; PSG.LGD, VGJ.Thunder, OpTic Gaming and Infamous are the 4 teams in the final group. OpTic Gaming were only invited 2 days ago, due to OG pulling out of the event and the team will instantly find themselves in a fight to the top being in this group. With 2 of the top Chinese teams and 1 of the best teams in SEA standing in their way, the North American squad will need to prove themselves quickly and decisively.

The China Dota 2 Supermajor begins in only 2 days’ time and with the groups now decided, we’re completely ready for the action. Updates of teams arriving in Shanghai, China as we all prepare for the final Major of the Dota 2 Pro Circuit’s inaugural season have been streaming in. And with the recent roster changes which we’ve seen for some teams, it is sure to be an extremely amazing event.


Fly Bleeds Blue, Media Day at the Supermajor is On

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