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After the semi-finals concluded earlier in the day, the stage was set for the best-of-five grand final series which saw OpTic Gaming going up against VGJ.Thunder – the victor would claim the spoils of the StarLadder ImbaTV Invitational #5.

VGJ.Thunder were able to quickly dispatch their semi-final opponents, Vega Squadron, stopping the CIS squad from making it to their first DPC event final. The Chinese squad did not have many problems as they finished the series 2-0. The 2nd semi-final was between OpTic Gaming and Fnatic and it went the distance, as we’ve come to expect from Fnatic. The SEA team managed to take the first game after over an hour but fell far short in the next 2 games as the North Americans were able to take the series 2-1 and join VGJ in the grand finals.

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The finals opened with a hard fought game from both teams and while OpTic were controlling everything it took one fight for things to turn around. It took over an hour but VGJ secured the victory of the first game. The next game would see the complete opposite, as it was the Chinese squad who were in control – but OpTic fought back extremely well and changed the course of the game, ensuring the win and tying up the series at one a piece. The North American team seemed to have found their stride going into the 3rd game of the series – destroying VGJ in under 30 minutes this time.

What turned out to be the final game of the series saw OpTic Gaming cruise to victory quite easily as VGJ.Thunder were unable to make a big impact on their opponents. With that OpTic claim victory at the StarLadder ImbaTV Invitational #5 and acquire their first DPC points. VGJ.Thunder take an admirable 2nd place but would, for the 3rd time in this the inaugural Dota 2 Pro Circuit season, be unable to close out a grand final for themselves. On the plus side for the Chinese squad, they remained in the top 7 of DPC rankings and would be hoping to make up for their shaky performances lately as the season reaches its climax.

OpTic Gaming are not going to be at the next event, which is the EPICENTER XL Dota 2 Major nor will they be making an appearance at the final Minor of the season in Thailand but the team is sure to return to action soon as we still have a plethora of Dota 2 action coming our way before the DPC season comes to an end as the road to The International 2018 continues.

Interviews from StarLadder ImbaTV Invitational Season 5 Minor

Natus Vincere – LeBron: “You can never relax in a game with Fnatic”
Fnatic – 343: “My role is to help everyone in the team to understand EnVy’s views”
FlyToMoon – NoFear: “Sylar is no Miracle-”
Team Kinguin – eL lisasH: “I hope IceFrog knows that Techies doesn’t belong in Dota”
OpTic Gaming – Zai: “We’ve learnt a lot from the previous tournaments”
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