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After Fnatic’s elimination on the second day of the group stage, both TNC and Mineski have been taken down in the Group B lower bracket semifinals today.

Evil Geniuses – the lower bracket kings

EG are responsible for TNC’s exit from the tournament before the SEA team had the chance to play a single match in front of their home crowd. ESL One Genting group stage runs behind closed doors and only the six teams that advance into the playoffs will be enjoying the hype that the Filipino fans always provide at LAN events. None of these six teams have been decided yet, but Evil Geniuses are now one step closer to get there.

EG took down TNC with two intricate drafts, utilizing at maximum their players versatility. In game one they had Clinton “Fear” Loomis on a mid-lane Viper while Artour “Arteezy” Babaev went to the safe lane on Lifestealer. Highest GPM hero on their team was, however, Syed Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan’s Abaddon on the back of a rushed Radiance build. TNC’s Shadow Fiend’s farm was constantly disrupted by the NA team who focused the early ganks on Carlo “Kuku” Palad and TNC slowly fell behind as EG pushed them with a Chen army and the early Radiance from SumaiL.

Game two featured an EG Storm Spirit but it wasn’t Sumail playing it, nor Fear. Arteezy took the hero mid lane while Fear was given Terrorblade. Again, EG took the lead from laning stage and again SumaiL felt that Radiance will help in the team fights (this time on Omniknight), especially against the double Blink Daggers heroes of TNC, Tinker and Sand King. Nearly perfect executions from both Storm and Omni were the key ingredient in EG’s victory over TNC and the boys in blue are now in the group B lower bracket finals.

Na’Vi –  fighting

Na’Vi vs Mineski was the last series were the SEA fans had hopes for at least one of their teams to get closer to the playoffs. Unfortunately for them, Na’Vi’s young carry Vladislav “Crystallize” Krystanek had two incredible matches today and a team behind him working like a well oiled machine.

Game one was all about the push for Na’Vi who drafted Luna, Broodmother and Chen. However, Mineski were able to stop the CIS team with a counter push line-up comprised of Enchantress, Naga Siren, and Shadow Fiend. Game two brought a Crystallize Phantom Lancer who crushed the entire game courtesy of spot-on ganks from Nightstalker and Bane. One match away from elimination, Mineski had an offlane Chen with a very good start in terms of farm, and were hoping to catch Na’Vi off guard with a rather powerful Storm Spirit Infest Bomb combo, but Na’Vi played extremely disciplined and again Crystallize delivered flawless plays to ensure the victory.

EG vs Na’Vi is the group B lower bracket final, the winners advancing into the ESL One Genting 2018 playoffs. The series is scheduled to be played later today, around 20:00 MYT/13:00 CET and you can catch all the action on ESL’s official streams which can be found here.

headline image courtesy of esl-one

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