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After we witnessed two teams eliminated from the Dota 2 Minor, there would be two more leaving by the end of the day’s play – while the winning squads would move into the semi-finals and the top 4 of the event.

Earlier in the day both SG e-sports and Team Kinguin were eliminated from the StarLadder ImbaTV Invitational #5, Kinguin putting up a great fight but ultimately falling to FlyToMoon and the South American squad being completely destroyed by Natus Vincere. However, the winning squads were not safe just yet as the Saturday of eliminations had just begun and they would have to fight once more to secure their places in the top 4 – or leave the event tonight.

FlyToMoon versus VGJ.Thunder

The first of these decider series would be between FlyToMoon, the CIS squad who had surprised everyone making it this far in the event and VGJ.Thunder – the China squad who were still battling with form. The opening game saw FTM take a really great early lead as they looked to acquire a solid early lead and close out the game quickly. However, VGJ stalled and dragged the game to a point where they were able to constantly kill off FTM and after just over 50 minutes, game one went to the Chinese team. Game two went the same way, with the CIS squad able to control the early game up until their opponents Medusa was unstoppable and just as game one went, game two belonged to VGJ.

With that, it was VGJ.Thunder who proceeded into the semi-finals of the event where they will face Vega Squadron tomorrow – the final day of the Minor. For FTM, unfortunately their run in the event would end here as they were eliminated.

Natus Vincere versus Fnatic

The final series of the day was set to be an amazing one, a match up that has produced some of the most hyped series lately as Fnatic and Na’Vi went head-to-head. The opening series was breathtaking as the game swung back and forth for a while – but the SEA team amassed a sizeable lead before a turnaround seemed imminent. But Fnatic held strong and were able to close out the game as they seemed set to take the series. However, the second game was very different and it almost seemed as though Fnatic were being taunted by the CIS crowd’s constant Na’Vi chants and within 25 minutes, the game was over with Na’Vi tying up the series.

But the crowd was no match for Fnatic and neither were Na’Vi as the final game was very clearly going to the SEA squad from early on. The SEA squad were able to eliminate their challengers from the Minor and claim their spot in the semi-finals where they’ll face OpTic Gaming tomorrow.

Tomorrow we will see the final day of StarLadder ImbaTV Invitational #5 as the semi-finals and grand finals will be decided.

Interviews from StarLadder ImbaTV Invitational Season 5 Minor

Fnatic – 343: “My role is to help everyone in the team to understand EnVy’s views”
FlyToMoon – NoFear: “Sylar is no Miracle-”
Team Kinguin – eL lisasH: “I hope IceFrog knows that Techies doesn’t belong in Dota”
OpTic Gaming – Zai: “We’ve learnt a lot from the previous tournaments”
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