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This is the actual list that I wrote up last time. Here is the email again for reference:


From kier m.


I’ve noticed unlike other esports not many journalists publish a top 10 greatest list for dota 2 players/teams, was wondering who your candidates where for such positions? ( this is a vast question so i understand if you dont go into depth for each placing.)


So I had to break this question into two parts because answering as to why people don’t write a GOAT list and what constitutes a GOAT list took that long. Now here is the actual list. This is in no way a definitive list, it isn’t even my definitive list as it’s just my gut feeling. I don’t have the time to rewatch all of the vods and break down every team/player through every patch/meta. So I’m going to break down my picks for 6 of the roles (captain and the 5 individual roles.)

Captain: Xiao8, PPD, KuroKy, Puppey, and rOtk. I have Xiao8 at the top because he has consistently shown he can lead any other four players to the top of the Dota 2 scene. It doesn’t seem to matter what players he has, what patch it is, or even if he has the right answers. He consistently seemed to get the most out of his players and got them to buy into his sytem.

PPD is my second pick because I think without PPD, NA Dota 2 would be in the cul-de-sac that NA CS:GO has been in prior to the last few months. He defined the meta with the first iteration of SADBOYS/EG and has been one of the most consistently successful leaders we’ve ever seen. He’s also a master drafter (I still think he is, he just doesn’t have as many tools as he once did), and was the first guy who understood that you had to gamble on young talent.

KuroKy is my third pick. The reason I have him below PPD is cause his longevity and consistency hasn’t matched PPD yet. At the same time, he doesn’t have the crazy ability of Xiao8 to lead just about anyone at any time. What puts KuroKy here is that he basically led a bunch of middle tier players (at the time) to the top of the world. He has been the leader of a top 2 team from 2016-2017 and a top 2 team from EPICENTER to now. Basically if there is anyone who’s going to topple xiao8 as my GOAT captain, it’s KuroKy.

Puppey is my fourth pick. He’s done great work with Na`Vi, Secret, and the modern iteration of Secret. As for why I think he’s below KuroKy is because they have similar-ish results, but KuroKy did more with less in my opinion and like I said in the previous post, I favor the guy that did more with less.

The fifth pick is the most contentious. There were a bunch of guys I think I could have justified here: rOtk, Q, Fly, EternaLEnVy all come to mind. In the end I went with rOtk because Q doesn’t have the length of time to match and Fly/EternaLEnVy failed at TIs while rOtk was able to lead a team to deep runs in TIs.

From this point on, I’ll just name 5 players. To differentiate them will take way too long for something that’s supposed to be an informal blog.

For the one position, I think they are: Hao, BurNIng, Miracle-, RTZ, EternaLEnVy. This is where things get complicated and so here is my reasoning for each. Hao is the only player to define a team as a superstar player rather than a leader. Basically the most successful cores/teams in The Internationals are all tied to leaders: Xiao8, PPD, Puppey. Hao is the only straight up player to match them. I think he is still the best I’ve seen, but that could just be because I like his style.

BurNIng is my second pick as he’s a classical pick. He defined the role and his teams are such that when shit hit the fan, they could always get one free win by picking him Antimage. At the same time, he’s evolved his game to play in the modern era. It’s too bad he’s retired/on hiatus right now, but for my money he’s probably been the most consistent and longest lived at the top level.

Miracle- is my third pick. He has played everything and played both styles of play. What I mean by that is on OG they played around him and in Liquid he plays according to Liquid’s global offensive style. His consistency on every hero is insane.

My fourth is Arteezy. Another consistent player who did define the meta when he broke into the scene on EG. Consistently high level of skill throughout his entire career, though unlike the others I think he made a mistake in his career. Should have hitched his star to PPD and so I can’t really place him higher than any other player on this list because he’s never won a Valve Major or TI.

My fifth is EternaLEnVy. My reasoning is because he’s been on weaker teams than the other four, but has still a comparable career. Now he may throw unthrowable games, but he also wins unwinnable games. He is the single best player in Dota 2 history if you need some player to pull out some stupid miracle carry play to get out of a ditch.

For the 2 position: Ferrari, Dendi, Maybe, Sumail, sccc. The picks from here on are much less analytical as I’ve spent less time thinking on them in general, so this is where it’s my first instinct. Really don’t take any of these as a definitive list, since I don’t. My reasoning for these five is that they felt the most dominant during their different peaks. Ferrari and Dendi dominated the mid-lane, Maybe and sccc have been the best midlaners of China for the last few years and sumail has arguably been one of the best players ever.

For position 3 we have: iceiceice, universe, mind_control, faith_bian, kpii/ohaiyo. Ok this one is a bit weird. I think the first three are lock ins for sure. I think iceiceice is the best, universe is probably second. After that I went for peak performance in mind_control and faith_bian. After that it got hard to differentiate, so I think the two players with the best shouts are either kpii or Ohaiyo.

For position 4: fy, GH, Lanm, Chuan, jerax. I think these five four players have defined the role the most in their respective peaks. GH/jerax in the past few years. Chuan, Lanm, and fy in the years before.

For position 5, it’s much harder to say. My picks are probably: ddc, pieliedie, solo, kuroky, puppey. Well the only ones I’m certain of are the first two. DDC has been consistent with hsi style forever and pieliedie completely changed the game and how to think of the game from the role.

For teams I pick it by lineup, so it’s complicated as Dota 2 is rife with roster changes. The ones that I think are the best off of my head are: Secret, the super star version before it broke apart. [A]lliance, the TI winning iteration. DK the super version, the one everyone loves. EG the first iteration with RTZ/PPD. For my fifth pick, it’s complicated. My guess is that it’s probably Modern Liquid.

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